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Guide - Region Rendering

Postby linvanchene » Sun May 29, 2016 4:37 pm

linvanchene Sun May 29, 2016 4:37 pm
Since one of the last versions of OctaneRender 3 Region Rendering is now working again in all modes even PMC.

Because Region Rendering has not often been discussed on the OcDS sub forum here some ideas what you can do with it.

Main Idea:
The Region Rendering let's you focus rendering on problem areas like dark corners which are hard to reach for rays.
When you activate Region Rendering only the currently selected area will be focused on.

While setting up the scene you can use Region Rendering to observe the effects of your material or light changes on a specific area.
During the rendering phase you can use the tool to focus rendering on some small areas with noise left.
- - -

Region Rendering tool location:
The tool to select the render region in the OcDS plugin is located in the OcDS viewport to the left of the render size toggle and to the right of the white point selector.
Region Rendering tool location.jpg

Note: Using the DAZ Studio native "Spot Render Tool" and selecting an area in the default DAZ Studio viewport will not have any effect on the OcDS viewport.

- - -

- Workflow options with the Region Rendering tool

- After the region is selected OcDS will perform a default number of samples in the region.

- You can select another region if you are happy with the result of the first region.
Region Rendering used on three areas.jpg
Example: Three regions were selected to focus rendering.
Can you still spot them? ;-)
Now the render is continuing normally again after region rendering was turned off

- You can task the same selected Region to render even more samples
Open the OcDS "Rendersettings" tab.
Kernel Settings - Max samples add a higher number like "1000"
Now an additional 1000 samples will be completed in the selected area.

- To stop region rendering simply click on the region rendering tool button in the OcDS viewport to toggle it off.
Now the whole image will continue rendering equally.

- In general: In the OcDS "Rendersettings" tab Kernel Settings - Changing the Max samples value during rendering will not restart the render but task OcDS to perform the additional numbers of samples.

- You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the render to have a closer look at different areas while the region rendering tool is activated.

- Switch between letting the whole render run and rendering selected regions until you are happy with the result.

- - -
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Re: Guide - Region Rendering

Postby face_off » Sun May 29, 2016 11:51 pm

face_off Sun May 29, 2016 11:51 pm
Thanks - Stickied.

It is worth noting the changes in Octane 3.0 for Render Region from

Interactive region rendering
The interactive region rendering via the region render tool has been slightly changed: Any samples calculated for the interactive render region are now counted separately and not added to the samples statistics of the film anymore, which caused a lot of confusion in the past.

As a consequence you can now start interactive region rendering any time, even after the maximum samples/pixel have been reached. It will continue rendering up to 256000 region samples/pixel or until stopped.
Another tweak to the region render tool is that when it's disabled, the region rectangle will not be drawn on top of the rendering anymore, while region rendering continues. To disable the interactive region rendering you just click somewhere into the viewport without drawing a new region rectangle while the region rendering tool is enabled.

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