OctaneBench® 4.00

OctaneBench® allows you to benchmark your GPU using OctaneRender. This provides a level playing field by making sure that everybody uses the same version and the same scenes and settings. Without these constraints, benchmark results can vary a lot and can't be compared.

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The hardware and software requirements to run OctaneBench are the same as for OctaneRender Standalone. You can find details in the OctaneRender FAQ here. OctaneBench does not require an OctaneRender Standalone License to run.

You can download and run OctaneBench as one single package or just download the resources and use them with your current OctaneRender Standalone. All the details about how to run OctaneBench can be found in the readme file of the archives, but this is a quick overview of the necessary steps:
  1. Download the archive for your operating system using the links above.
  2. Open the downloaded archive:
    • Windows: Extract the archive into a directory of your choice and then open the extracted folder "OctaneBench_4_00_win".
    • Linux: Extract the archive into a directory of your choice and then open the extracted folder "OctaneBench_4_00_linux".
    • Mac OSX: You can copy the application "OctaneBench 4_00" into the application folder or any other directory or just leave it in the .DMG image.
  3. Run OctaneBench:
    • Windows: Double-click "octane.exe" in the Windows Explorer.
    • Linux: Run the binary "octane".
    • Mac OSX: Run "OctaneBench 4_00".
  4. Enable the GPUs you want to benchmark.
  5. Click "Run" and wait until the benchmark run has finished.
  6. Marvel at the statistics, which you can then upload or save as a text / CSV file.


OctaneBench® 4.00c

Windows   Linux   Mac OSX  
Please note that OctaneBench 4.00c requires NVIDIA driver 419.17 or higher.

OctaneBench® 3.06.2

Windows   Linux   Mac OSX  

Download OctaneBench Resources

OctaneBench® 4.00 scene files
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