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Postby Xhed » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:46 pm

Xhed Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:46 pm
Relevant changes since

  • Updated to new Octane version (3.06.4)
  • Added Detail maps for standard and standard(specular) shaders.
  • Timeline renderer/exporter now allows user to select rendertarget.
  • Added a mapping between Unity Lights and lights in Octane. (Unity intensity and range to Octane power)
  • Ground color now darkens when the sun sets. Also approximates color changes unity procedural-skybox ground undergoes while the sun is setting.
  • Render passes export (In the PBR Viewport, 4th icon-button from the right)
  • PBR Light color and power are now disabled by default as they are taken from the unity light. (Needs to be reviewed if we remove the PBR Light component GUI completely)
  • Removed most of the PBR light gui options as they are either supurfluous or only useful for debug purposes.
  • Added Automatic and User settings mode for PBR lights
  • Enforced name consistency. The Octane integration should now be referenced as "OctaneUnity".
  • Fixed Light issue where Octane unload/load would turn light color black.
  • Fixed Light issue where changing emmision type turn light color black.
  • Fixed Shader issues with secondary albedo/detail maps
  • Fixed issue with emissive surfaces in PBR lights. Lights would not properly illuminate far away objects. (this is still an issue with emissive materials on unity meshes, which we are working on)
  • Fixed issue with Render target settings being hidden by the scroll bar.
- Rick
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