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Postby abstrax » Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:04 am

abstrax Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:04 am
Hi all,

During the work on 3.07 and 3.10 we stumbled upon a few more bugs, we would like to have fixed as soon as possible, which is why are releasing another update in the 3.06 development cycle:

Changes since version 3.06.2:

  • Fixed missing geometry update if some transformations are added to an initially empty scatter node.
  • Fixed loading of palletized images into the alpha image texture node, which was basically ignoring the alpha channel in those cases.
  • Fixed incorrect loading of extra UVs, which caused triangles with only 0 or 1 UV sets to be treated as triangles with multiple UV sets, which increased memory usage and reduced render performance by a couple percent.
  • Fixed numerical issues in reflections of specular surfaces, if the incoming ray is exactly perpendicular to the surface. This created for example a lot of noise on a horizontal plane if the sun would stand exactly in zenith.
  • Fixed incorrect warning in the batch render scripts if %p is not in the file name template, but multi-pass EXRs are saved.
  • Fixed unhandled exception if a render result of a scene with no geometry is saved together with image metadata.

Downloads for users with a regular license

regular version for Windows (installer)
regular version for Windows (ZIP archive)
regular version for Mac OS X (DMG image)
regular version for Linux (ZIP archive)

Downloads for users with a subscription license

subscription version for Windows (installer)
subscription version for Windows (ZIP archive)
subscription version for Mac OS X (DMG image)
subscription version for Linux (ZIP archive)

Demo version downloads

demo version for Windows (installer)
demo version for Windows (ZIP archive)
demo version for Mac OS X (DMG image)
demo version for Linux (ZIP archive)

Photoshop workflow plugin download

A new version of the Photoshop plugin (1.0.5) has been made available, containing the following changes:

  • Added support for noise layer added in v3.06.
  • Added support for Photoshop 2017.

You can download and install the plugin either via the Adobe Exchange platform (the latest version still needs to be approved by Adobe, so it may take some time to show up) or you can download it from the link below and manually install it.

Windows and Mac OS X
Photoshop extension (v1.0.5) (ZXP archive)

Happy rendering,
Your OTOY NZ Team
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