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Re: OctaneRender™ 2018.1 RC4 [latest 2018]

Postby Notiusweb » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:49 pm

Notiusweb Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:49 pm
Goldorak wrote:
Notiusweb wrote:Speaking of RTX - I see the videos online of the 4.22 preview Version of Unreal Engine, raytracing with the RTX 2080Ti.
It looks like a glorified raytraced baking system for lighting and and reflection capture...
And the rendered stuff looks nice once baked, but ouch...render-performance-wise, a lot of noise, nothing at all realtime as far as rendering goes. It's only realtime as it was 'baked'.
And why it has to be RTX in UE4 is beyond me, because speed-wise it doesn't look that amazing at all.
But one thing that it seems it will be able to do is utilize the baked scenes in combo with the realtime GI stuff that it already has.

Will Octane's UE4 be integrated similarly into engine such that it can be used in-scene to bake the lighting and reflections, and then you can have the fake GI FX elements of UE4 on top of it?
Or will it be like the Unity plugin, which uses a separate plugin screen, like say 3DS Max or C4D...

Or here's something annoying to ponder....Will Octane's UE4 plugin require RTX also :?

It is now allowing you to do offline rendering with complete material and scene ingestion, and with Octane nodes fully and completely integrated in the existing UE node system (which was a lot of work!). Baking (and light field baking) will come later in the beta. Octane 2019 won't require RTX, but it will render some scenes much faster when RT Core HW is present.

Oh this sounds so awesome, I am really looking forward to this...!
I was very curious how in the heck all the UE4 node mayhem would translate to Octane, that sounds like some feat you guys are taking on.
But I am glad that you are handling it that way because sounds like it could encompass more of the crazy functionality of UE4.
With navigation I find Octane's UI node system harder than UE's, but I love the UI menu system of Octane much more than UE's.
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Re: OctaneRender™ 2018.1 RC4 [latest 2018]

Postby haze » Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:13 pm

haze Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:13 pm
coilbook wrote:Hi
I've already sent two scenes about a month ago. I attached the video. it takes about 18 seconds to eval the scene with 14 mil polys plus itoo forests.

Why cannot you guys develop a very complex scene full of vegetation, displacement ground, vdb fog, etc to test for eval times and bugs.

I think you should work with iToo to optimize loading time of itoo objects especially when camera moves and itoo objects must be reloaded and are locked to a camera view


We were delayed getting some third party licenses. These scenes are really quite complex and difficult to instrument thoroughly. Other serious stability problems had to take precedence, but we are working on it.
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