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OctaneRender™ for Blender 3.05t3 - 11.16 [OBSOLETE]

Postby JimStar » Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:09 am

JimStar Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:09 am
OctaneRender™ for Blender plugin. Windows, Linux and OSX versions.


  • New 3.05 test 3 engine integrated. This engine version tests rounded edges functionality changes.
  • Fixed "server exiting" bug.
  • Improved Blender's LiveDB preview-icons rendering.
  • Minor fixes and improvements...
Note: After installing of this version you may need to clear the server's and Blender's LiveDB caches. Easiest way - to delete everything inside livedb folders in user directory and in Blender's user-data directory. Server will need at least 10 minutes (depends on your connection speed) to refresh the LiveDB cache, during which LiveDB will not be functional from Blender UI.

You can read about new features of OctaneRender™ 3.0 here:

The installation consists from two parts:
1. OctaneRender™ Server
2. Blender - OctaneRender™ edition.

After starting OctaneServer it will take some time before the LiveDB tree and LiveDB material previews will be available from Blender - as OctaneServer caches the LiveDB data from remote server right after starting. But only the materials groups tree will be re-cached every time after server start, LiveDB material preview images will be cached only once - so only the very first OctaneServer start will need some more time before LiveDB tree will be available in Blender.
After the server is run - you can start rendering (or open a rendered view) from inside Blender.

If you need to see the changelog of current rendering core, or download standalone installer to get network slave and daemon please find it here:


DOWNLOAD (both distributives must be reinstalled, they depend on each other)

Blender Octane Edition - 11.16 (2.78a)
Octane Server - 3.05t3 - 11.16


- Just run the installer to see its command line keys.;)
- If you need to run OctaneServer - run it as daemon:
Code: Select all
$ OctaneServer &


Blender Octane Edition - v11.16 Linux


- Just run autoinstaller file.
- Or, if you know what you are doing, you can use the ZIP archive to copy .app files manually.


Autoinstaller: Blender Octane Edition - v11.16 OSX Autoinstaller
ZIP archive: Blender Octane Edition - v11.16 OSX ZIP

Please, if you decided to report a bug:

- Don't post in Blender section the reports about how Octane engine works - use the Octane Standalone forum sections for that.
- Give a meaningful description about what you think is wrong and how to reproduce it (in addition to screenshots if any). I can't solve the "one screenshot" rebuses without any meaningful description...
- If you use Google-translator to post here - check please what you got before posting it, and edit it before posting. Ask your friends to check it if you don't speak English.
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