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UDIM support and baking

Postby kirk » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:59 pm

kirk Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:59 pm
Please OTOY make UDIM support simple with <UDIM> in the file path like Arnold does . With the current setup it's a constant pain in the a.. , half time it's just not working. In fact it's working only with x-1 transform node connected for some uncertain reason. Tile image node couldn't recognize UDIM pattern on its own and even if it does it half cases it doesn't work anyway.

Also please make a script or something for automatized texture baking with baking camera for UDIM tiles. It's hell of a tedious routine to make, save and name all those UV shifting bakes for UV tiles

Also please make Z depth working with "revert baking" And make that revert baking working in Blender plugin

Also please make the baking rays starting somewhere behind the baking surface with some distance slider so while baking hires to low res geometry we wouldn't get geometry intersecting artifacts.

Or better make that "revert baking" method to test the distance toward close surface in both directions first and then set the final baking ray origin accordingly. Or whatever any other texture bakers do in other soft. Octane has so a huge promise of being the best texture baker ever made. It's just a couple steps away really but because of a few weird oddities it's still pretty useless for the task
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