save layered .EXR (render passes) using command line

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Re: save layered .EXR (render passes) using command line

Postby tomsawyer » Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:37 am

Hi doca!
The "Render target" should be the name of the render target node in your octane scene. It is case sensitive.
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Re: save layered .EXR (render passes) using command line

Postby adrienneloux » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:20 pm

Hi everyone,

Forgive me for being an extreme noob but I also am hoping to save as layered exr files in my workflow. I want to say thank you in advance for what very much seems to be the precise solution for this.

I have just finally figured out how to properly submit my octane standalone animation sequences using deadline render. It works well with animation sequences when submitting the ocs file, or the orbx file. Everything is working properly, but upon output it does not maintain the single layered EXR file format with my various selected passes. I need this to work since my goal is to send everything through Altus denoiser as a final step. I don't think deadline supports this currently but I am contacting them to hopefully have this implemented natively.

I am reading through all of this info but I am still pretty lost about how to use the custom script. I know it has been determined that to do this, one should:

create a "batchMultiExr.lua" file (where your .bat file is located)

But again I am a total fool with all of this and am not quite sure how to. Since my goal is to use deadline to manage all of this, I don't believe I have a .bat file in effect. In fact I'm not even really sure how to create a .bat version of my standalone project or if it can be submitted through deadline if I did. Is there a way to implement this "batchMultiExr.lua" into my octane standalone project submission to deadline render somehow?

Deadline uses it's own lua script to function properly. It's called "DeadlineOctane.lua"

In my situation, would the solution be to add the content from the batchmultiexr.lua script to the deadlineoctane.lua script? Towards the end perhaps?

I am so close to having this work in an ideal way. Any help on this would be extremely appreciated.
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