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poser pro 2014 service pack out now

Postby ch0pper » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:33 pm

ch0pper Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:33 pm
poser pro 2014 service pack out now


Smith Micro Software, Inc. and the Poser team are pleased to announce that the Poser Pro 2014 Service Release 1 (SR1) is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows. SR1 will update your non-beta version of Poser Pro 2014 English to the latest version.

SR1 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:

• General performance and stability updates and improvements
• Cloth Room improvements
• Material Room improvements
• Preview Rendering improvements
• Final Rendering improvements
• Animation improvements
• Figure Creation improvements
• PoserPython improvements
In order to download Poser Pro 2014 SR1 or receive technical support for the product, you must have registered your Poser Pro 2014 application serial number. If you have not yet done so, please register now at http://www.smithmicro.com/support/produ ... ation.aspx.

With your registered Poser Pro 2014 serial number, you can access and download SR1 at http://poser.smithmicro.com/poserproupdates.html.
SR1 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category
• Duplicated props now properly reference binary morph data from the original
Cloth Room
• Re-enabled progress dialog and cancellation of cloth simulation
Material Room
• Fixed case where blank mapNames would cause file to not parse correctly
Preview Rendering
• Fixed case where incorrect texture arrays would cause instability (SreeD only)
• Wind force lines will now obey the object and figure visibility settings
Final Rendering
• Improved stability of Subsurface Scattering with very small shading rates
• Shadow maps now render correctly in separate process multi-pass renders
• Fixed artifacts in rendering with reflections and certain geometry
• Transparent surfaces now show specularity in reflections
• Improved stability when rendering with 'Remove backfacing polys' enabled
• Animation palette: Now preserving current actor when camera is adjusted
• Animation palette: Corrected scrolling direction (Mac OS X only)
Figure Creation
• Disabled conforming of magnet deformers by default. Greatly improves Fitting room workflow without requiring dev rig and magnetize poses.
• Fixed case where magnets on props were incorrectly being created to operate in world space instead of local space
• Now computing magnets for existing figures in local space again. Loading files with version 10.0 or newer will trigger computation in world space. Toggle 'Compute magnets in world space' on figure Properties tab to adjust behavior.
• Fixed case where wave deformers on figures were being created to operate in world space instead of local space
• Changed morph creation brush logic to improve interaction when multiple figures or objects are overlapping
• Fixed refresh of Morphing tool Create tab when switching objects
• Improved behavior of morph creation on props parented to a figure body part
• Setup, Fitting room: Fixed case where collapsed items in selection dialog were not included in results
• Copy Morphs From: Enabled copying of invisible parameters and linkedParms
• Copy Morphs From: Now connecting meta value parameters. These are value parameters that in addition to controlling target parameters also control other value parameters. This also fixes some other value ops that may not have been connected in certain cases.
• Now preventing running of Tkinter scripts to improve stability. Tk as included in OS X causes instability when embedded in an application (Mac OS X only)
• Now preserving current actor when camera is adjusted
Known Issues
• Fitting room: 'Zero figures' option can't be adjusted for props, defaults to on. Please use Group editor to spawn a prop if you intend to preserve shape adjustments via morph targets or magnet deformers.
• Setup, Fitting room: Deleting bones will result in the parent left behind having regenerated joint information. Please use Figure > Copy Joint Zones From... to restore lost information if you are affected by this issue.
Poser, Poser Pro, the Poser logo, and the Smith Micro Logo are trademarks and or registered trademarks of Smith Micro Software, Inc. Poser copyright © 1991-2013 All Rights Reserved. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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Re: poser pro 2014 service pack out now

Postby face_off » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:40 pm

face_off Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:40 pm
Unfortunately exposing the subd vertices to PoserPython did not make this SR. But I have spoken with Smith Micro about it, and they are keen to get this supported ASAP.
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