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Importing assets into scene

Postby dtxtreme » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:38 pm

dtxtreme Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:38 pm
I have created a few assets/models in Modo with octane materials applied to them.
When I try to import/merge them into my main Modo scene I tend to get duplicates of the materials in the shader tree.
Clicking the Octane override on the imported material does not work. I get an undefined error.
If I mark the override and click view in schematic I see the override in the schematic but I manually have to expand all nodes one by one to see the complete structure of nodes.

This is not a bug report yet but merely a question.

Is there a recommended way of working with Modo and Octane merging assets into one scene?


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Re: Importing assets into scene

Postby LFedit » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:44 pm

LFedit Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:44 pm
Couple ways I do it. First off, you can create whatever asset you want and texture it however. Then delete everything in the scene but what you want to transfer. Then go to File import into the main scene. And it will bring everything from that scene into the current "main" scene.

Another way, a little more tedious is to save each material as a preset. Then import the mesh (however you like) with the shaders still assigned and reimport each material preset.

I still don't know why there isn't a drag and drop/ copy paste way of doing it, like in c4d.

Lastly, just don't use octane overrides. If you just use all the modo materials and the attributes that convert, just copy and paste like you normally would. Although I understand sometimes octane overrides are a must.

Hope that helps..
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