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OctaneRender 3 for Modo [OBSOLETE]

Postby face_off » Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:37 pm

face_off Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:37 pm
This is the recommended thread for downloading, and posting any questions, suggestions or support queries for OctaneRender 3 for Modo - TEST and STABLE release.

Modo Version
Windows : Modo10, Modo11 and Modo12 on Window Vista, 7, 8 or 10 64bit
OSX : Modo10, Modo11 and Modo12 on Macintosh OS X 64bit El Capitan onwards
Linux : Modo10, Modo11 and Modo12 on 64bit Linux

Nvidia Driver Version
Windows/Linux : Nvidia drivers 392.x or later.
OSX : CUDA Driver Version: 8 or later

Network Rendering
For Network Rendering, you must use the Octane slave release from the Octane Standalone installer which matches the exact Octane version of the plugin you are using.

If you have a support issue, pls provide the following information:
- Modo version
- OctaneRender for Modo version (ie.
- Operating System (ie. Win XP, Vista, 7, 8)
- Amount of RAM
- Graphics Card(s) - model (ie. GTX 580, 3GB)
- Nvidia driver version

The most important part of resolving a problem is me being able to re-produce that problem. So pls provide as much detail as possible in order for me to do this, and if the problem is specific to the scene, send me the scene.

For more information...
- Read the on-line manual, including the FAQ, Troubleshooting Guide and Limitations sections
- Watch the video tutorials at https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=59793
- Post your question on this forum thread

Download Links

Current STABLE build (Octane 3.08.5)
- Windows Regular - OctaneRender for Modo
- Windows Studio (Subscription) - OctaneRender for Modo
- Windows Demo - OctaneRender for Modo

Previous STABLE build (Octane 3.08.3)
- Windows Regular - OctaneRender for Modo
- OSX Regular - OctaneRender for Modo
- Linux Regular - OctaneRender for Modo

- Windows Subscription - OctaneRender for Modo
- OSX Subscription - OctaneRender for Modo

- Windows Demo - OctaneRender for Modo
- OSX Demo - OctaneRender for Modo
- Linux Demo - OctaneRender for Modo

Release Notes (11-Nov-2018)
- Fixed issue where the plugin was not releasing the Octane license on exit
- Fixed issue introduced in where ORBX proxies assigned to Mesh items were not live updating
- Fixed issue where Render Priority always starting at High when starting a render
- Added the option to save an animation to OCS/ORBX from the Export button on the toolbar (this was previously done via the octane.saveAnimation command)
- Added support for the OSL Projection
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added code to speed up transform changes on large meshes. This only applies to Mesh items with Live Geometry Update ON, and when the Render Cache if OFF.
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added support for OSL cameras
- Added support for the OSL UV Projection node
- Updated the Modo SDK from Modo901 to Modo10
- Added on-the-fly conversion of Modo Portal lights (12-Jul-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08.2. See viewtopic.php?f=24&t=68091 for details
- Added Cast Shadows support for Toon lights
- Fixed live updating issues when using the render cache
- Removed the Cuda Devices list, and replaced with the Octane Standalone Devices panel (18-May-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08.1
- Fixed crash when rendering a Front Projection with no camera assigned
- Fixed issue (introduced in where Image map powers were being set to 0 when creating Octane Overrides
- Fixed crash on OSX when loading an OBJ file. This requires Modo12.1v1 or later (24-Apr-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08 (13-Apr-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08 RC4 (09-Apr-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08 RC3
- Fixed issue where edited OSL Texture text was not being retained
* OSX version still crashing when importing an OBJ file on Modo11.2 onwards. This has been reported to Foundry (20-Mar-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08 RC2
- Fixed bug where invisible Replicators would render after the first frame of an animation
- Shader Tree Image High Value is now used (together with the Diffuse Amount) to set the Octane Image power for Image nodes connected to Diffuse pins
- Resolved issue where if the Specular Map value was 0, it would render as a value of 1 (7-Mar-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08 RC1
- Resolved issue where the Modo FOV was not being taking into account when camera projections with film offsets
- Resolved issue there animated curves were not rendering
- Resolved issue where the physical sun was not being set in the Octane Environment node after frame 0 when rendering an animation
- Added Toon Light controls to the Light package (7-Dec-2017)
- Compiled with Octane 3.08 TEST 6
- Nodes created in the Octane scene from Octane Overrides are now de-duplicated, meaning there will be a single Octane node created for each Modo schematic node. Users may see a slightly quicker render speed from this change.
- Fixed the Modo Light "Transparent Emission" property, which was not showing in the previous release
- Added Toon and Metallic Materials to the Octane Override Schematic
- Added Toon Ramp, Toon Point Light and Toon Directional Light nodes to the Octane Override Schematic
- Added BRDF Model, Anisotropy and Rotation to Glossy and Specular Materials
- The Modo Camera Film Offset X & Y channels are now applied to Front Projection textures
- Replaced the Gradient Smooth channel with Interpolation (to match Octane Standalone)
- Fixed bug where rendering animations and the octane.saveAnimation commands were not exporting replicators with Group as the prototype
- When rendering with the Front Projection for a Texture Locator, the Texture Camera (rather than the Render Camera) is now used to position the image
- Added Convert To Metallic button on the Octane Override schematic button panel
- Modo glossy materials now convert the Octane Glossy materials with a BRDF set to GGX, and the roughness values convert accordingly so that Octane and Modo match
- Added Custom LUT filename and strength to the Imager tab
- Added OSL Texture node (3-Nov-2017)
- Built with Octane 3.07
- Added Instance Color and Instance Range textures
- Added an instance id to each Scatter transform (ie. each Replicator particle source will have a unqiue instance id). The Instance ID is sourced from the Modo Replicator source IDs. The new Texture node types Instance Range and Instance Color can be used with these id's. Refer to viewtopic.php?f=33&t=62395 for for details.
- The Particle ID channel on a Modo Mesh Instance is now loaded into the Octane Scatter node Instance ID. You need to use whole numbers for the Particle ID to work (ie. 1, 2, 3, etc). The Particle ID of the Instance Source Mesh will be 0.
- Added Octane->General Visibility to Modo Area, Point and Photometric lights
- Added support for the Modo11 Mesh Light->Use Source Transform channel
- Added the Octane emitter Double Sided property to the Octane panel of Modo Area, Point and IES lights
- Saving the current render to OCS/ORBX will now save the geometry to an ABC file rather than an OBJ file - so multiple UV maps will now work when you load the scene into Octane Standalone
- The Texture Locator "Add ot Octane Override" button is now enabled when the owner Image is selected
- Fixed bug causing a crash when a Surface Particle Generator was used as a Volume Source Surface
- Fixed a number of issues related to when the octane.saveAnimation command is used for Replicators and Instances in the scene
- Fixed crash when the Octane NodeGraph is open and the visibility of an item in the Shader Tree is then clicked (18-Sep-2017)
- Built with Octane 3.07 Test 6
- Add Kernel->Animation->Export Render Passes As Discrete Files to allow the saving of render layers as separate files when rending animations
- Fixed issue where ticking Camera Motion Blur would stop the Environment properties from being able to be animated (6-Sep-2017)
- Built with Octane 3.07 Test 4. See viewtopic.php?f=33&t=62636 for details.
- Added Visible on Diffuse (was Illumination), Visible of Specular, Transparent Emission, Cast Shadows and Double Sided to the Black Body and Texture Emission nodes
- Fixed issue where the timeline was not being set in proxy OCS/ORBX files when rendering an animation
- Added the new UVW Transform texture node from Octane 3.07
- Added the new Baking Texture node from Octane 3.07
- Added support for the Modo Mesh Item Render channel
- Added Edit Proxy and Save Proxy buttons to Modo Mesh items which have an OCS or ORBX proxy file assigned, to allow the source file to be edited and then saved
- Compiled with Octane 3.06.4
- Added Random Color Seed to the Octane Mesh panel
- Changed the "octane.command showNodeGraph" to be "octane.showNodeGraph", which now also includes a render panel, and all other Octane Standalone features. NOTE: CHANGES MADE IN THE NODEGRAPH ARE NOT SAVED BACK TO THE MODO SCENE .LXO FILE, SO ARE TEMPORARY
- When creating an Octane Override - undo steps are now rolling into a single undo step
- The Preferences->Use Modo Render Cache preference has moved into the Kernel->Settings panel, so is now set at the scene level rather than globally
- Added "Dont Reload Mesh Objects" to the Kernel->Animation panel (only available when Object Motion Blur is ticked). If enabled, the reloading of Modo Mesh objects will be STOPPED when rendering the animation - so the animation will render the same as when you scrub the timeline with the Octane Viewport open.
- Fixed issue where animated Substance textures were not refreshing whne rendering an animation. You need to tick the Kernel-Animation->Reload Materials Each Frame to enable animated Substance textures
- Compiled with Octane 3.06.2
- Fixed issue where pasting/importing a material with a scatter node was not importing the absorption and scattering color (24-May-2017)
- Compiled with Octane 3.06.1
- Added official support for Modo11 and removed support for Modo801
- Resolved issue where some Octane Proxy OCS/ORBX scene would not load correctly
- Fixed issue where parenting a mesh to an area, point or photometric light would stop the on-the-fly light conversion from working
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added preliminary support for Modo AlembicMesh items - which will be loaded into Octane as an Octane Scene node (meaning vertex motion blur support) is the Preferences->Use Modo Render Cache is disabled. It is assumed there is a single material for an AlembicMesh item
- Deleting an Octane Override not longer opens and immediately closes the Octane Setup window
- Added support for Modo11 and Modo801 no longer supported
- Added Sampling Rate, Light Pass ID and Cast Illumination to the Octane tab of Modo Area, Point and Photometry Lights to set the Octane Sampling Rate of the on-the-fly converted lights
- Resolved issue where rendering VDB files which have velocity data was crashing Modo
- Added W Coordinate node (for rendering strand hair)
- Fixed issue where octane.importLocalDb was not loading materials saved with octane.exportMaterial
- Re-wrote the VDB loader for Modo11 compatibility. In general, you are better off to load a VDB sequence into Octane Standalone and save as an ORBX and use that ORBX file as a proxy in Modo then to render the Modo Volume/VdbVoxel items (18-Apr-2017)
- Compiled with Octane 3.06 (includes Adaptive Sampling, new Bokeh pins, new Pano Camera DOF pins, new Add/Subtract/Comparison/Triplanar texture nodes, and Normal and Displacement mapping enhancements, new Triplanar projection node)
- Added Frame Step to the Kernel->Animation panel, to allow progressing more than 1 frame when rendering an animation
- Removed the empty Defaults panels
- Fixed issue where daylight animations were not rendering correctly in animations and not exporting correctly with octane.saveAnimation
- Rewrote the sub-frame animation system. Added "Animation Samples Per Frame" to allow sub-sampling of Live Geometry Update mesh items. Increase this property value to increase the number of samples taken between Modo frames. You must refresh the scene in order for this setting to take effect.
- The Modo Material Round Edge Width property now translates to the Octane Rounded Edges Radius pin. You will still need to tick Live Geometry Update and Weld Vertices on the mesh using the material in order for edge rounding to render correctly
- Added a check prior to opening the Viewport to ensure there is sufficient RAM free to accommodate the Maximum Vertices setting
- Fixed crash with Image Sequences (introduced with the OCIO support change in At this stage, image sequences will be assumed to have a gamma of 2.2
- On-the-fly Modo light conversions now update when you scrub the Modo timeline, render as an animation and use the octane.saveAnimation command
- Added better support for Image Sequences. First Frame, Last Frame and Start Frame are now supported. Only End Behavior is assumed to be "Hold". FPS Multiplier is assumed to be 1.
- The Create Octane Emitter command now creates the Octane emitter mesh and material according to all conversion rules for on-the-fly Modo Area, Point and Photometry light conversions
- Fixed issue where animating the Directional Light used as the sun direction was not moving the Octane sun when animating - and the sun direction also now updates when scrubbing the timeline
- Resolved issue with some non-Mesh item geometry meshes loading twice
- Modo Render Region channel modifiers are now evaluated when setting the Octane render region
- The following Imager defaults have changed to better match Modo - Response now defaults to Linear, Gamma now defaults to 2.2 and Vignetting now defaults to 0
- VERY IMPORTANT: The plugin will now correctly convert the Modo scene and image ocio colorspace settings to the Octane Image Gamma values. This means if you have saved scenes with the 8 and 16 bit colorspace at a setting other than Linear (as per the manual), then Image gamma values will change when you render with this release of the plugin. At this stage sRGB, sRGBf, rec709, gamma2.2 are converted to a 2.2 gamma, gamma1.8 is converted to a 1.8 gamma and everything else remains linear/no correction (1.0 gamma). The Octane Environment IBL does NOT take into account the Modo ocio settings.
- Changed the default values for the Camera settings Use Modo Film Offset, Use Modo Clipping Distance, Use Modo Focus Distance and Use Modo F-Stop for Aperture to ON
- The default Environment is now the Texture Environment, rather than Daylight Environment, and Use Modo Environment Power and Rotation properties are now defaulted to ON
- Fixed issue where the octane.saveAnimation command was not exporting animated Environment channels
- Modo Area Lights, Point Lights and Photometry Lights which do NOT have a mesh item (ie. Octane emitter) attached to them will now convert to an Octane emitter automatically. The emitter geometry will automatically be created, and the Octane material will be created from the Modo point and area light material. You can still use the Create Octane Emitter function to override this default behavior
- Revamped the proxy system so animations inside ABC nodes in an OCS/ORBX will render correctly.
- Fixed error when exiting Viewport Navigation mode and transferring the Octane camera back to the Modo camera
- Added support for environment material zenith color channel
- Added support for constant layers in environment
- Added automatic conversion of Modo transparent materials with a non-zero Absorption Distance to an Octane Specular material with an Absorption
- Fixed motion blur error when Use Modo Shutter Speed was NOT ticked
- Fixed crash when a Mesh Light did not have a Source Mesh
- Implemented automatic conversion of 2 and 4 color gradiant Modo Environments to the Octane Environment (31-Jan-2017)
- Compiled with Octane 3.05.3
- Fixed issue where changes to the Modo Focus Distance were not changing the Octane Focal Depth when Camera Motion Blur was off
- Fixed issue where the focus distance was not being exported by the octane.saveAnimation command if the Use Modo Focal Distance checkbox was disaabled
- Added support for Substance textures (this is not yet functioning, as it is awaiting a change to the Substance plugin)
- Added new pins added in Octane 3.05 to the Daylight Environment (22-Dec-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3.05
- Reworked the Unreal Shader conversion as per the node layout provided by user "jonathan"
- The Environment Map gamma and invert channels are now read from the current frame rather than frame 0, so can now be animated
- Fixed bug when editing the Modo Material for a Volume which was causes an Octane Log error
- Changed the loading of VDB files to increase voxel resolution
- Filenames can now be connected to sub-assemblies to provide the file name of a Image node in that sub-assembly
- You can now plug a Modo Gradient item Color channel into the Gradient channel of an Octane Gradient 2 node (right-click the Octane node and "Add Channel"->"Gradient" to enable the connection. If you have the modo gradient input set to "Incidence", set the Octane "Falloff Skew Factor" to 1.75
- Added a Visible Environment button (refer to the Octane 3 Visible Environment documentation for how this is used). To access this, you need to add a second Modo Environment, and set the Octane Environment Use to Visible Environment. The Modo "Visible to Camera", "Visible to Reflection Rays" and "Visible to Refraction Rays" properties are used to populate the Octane Environment Backplate, Reflections and Refractions properties
- You can now edit the Octane Environment texture (for example, it can be color corrected as shown at https://docs.otoy.com/manuals/products/ ... -lighting/)
- Added a command octane.renderAndSave, which renders the current scene and saves to a file. All Modo functions are disabled during the render. This command would be useful for batch rendering from a script
- The "Too many UV maps for mesh" Octane Log error now lists the UV Maps that were found in use for the mesh, to easier allow the user to split the mesh to get to the Octane maximum of 3 UV Maps per mesh
- Optimised instance loading between frame whilst rendering animations
- Added "Weld Vertices" option to Live Geometry Update Mesh items. Enable this if using Round Edges in an Octane Override for that mesh item. There seems to be a 10-20% performance hit when loading meshes into Octane with the Weld Vertices option enabled. (16-Nov-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3.04.4
- Fixed issue where setting the Border Mode with Black Color or Clamp Value was not working after a scene refresh
- octane.SaveAnimation now uses a new Octane API library to export the scene, which should work quicker, and also support strand hair and volumes
- Added Direct Lighting Kernel AO Texture as per Octane 3.04. Drag the property name onto the schematic and attach an RGB Color node to use this
- Added Render Layer Mode combobox to the Render Layer tab as per Octane 3.04
- Added additional Falloff Texture node pins as per Octane 3.04
- Enabling/Disabling render passes now no longer restart the render when viewing the beauty pass
- Resolved issue where vertex motion blur was not working when using the octane.saveAnimation command
- Fixed issue where the User For Tonemap setting was not being set in certain situations
- Removed Render Cache UPDATES. Due to breaking changes in the Modo10.2v1 render cache, mesh update events from the render cache are now ignored. If the Render Cache is enabled, Meshes with Live Geometry Update enabled are still "live", but morphs/vetice changes may sometimes not detected (which is the same as when Use Modo Render Cache is OFF)
- Increased the size of the Cuba Devices panel
- Added support for Modo 10.2v1 Mesh Lights. These are automatically converted to Octane emitter meshes. The Mesh Light "Radiance" and "Light Color" are the only properties taken into account when building the Octane diffuse emitter material for the emitter mesh
- Meshops changes now update Mesh Items which have Live Geometry Update enabled
- Fixed error when using a Geometry Out node in a proxy ORBX or OCS file
- Changed the beauty pass layer name to "" when saving multi-layer EXR's, so hopefully EXR image processing app will pick that layer up as the main RGB layer
- Added support for Image maps assigned to the Roughness effect (the plugin will now connect this image maps to the Roughness pin on the Octane material node). The Roughness effect image Opacity is not taken into account during the material conversion (6-Sep-2016)
- Fixed crash when setting the Modo Blur Length to 0
- Fixed issue where of the Modo camera DOF effect is disabled the plugin would not disable dof rendering
- Resolved error where a Volume Medium NodeGraph node was not being connected to the Volume geometry
- Resolve crash caused by "Ghost" Instance items
- Fixed issue where Modo Mesh OCS/ORBX proxies were not loading the Octane material correctly if there was a gradient node in the OCS/ORBX file.
- Fixed issue where enabling Load Cage on a Mesh whilst Octane is rendering may result in a crash (11-Aug-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3.03.3
- Changing the Render->Frame->Resolution Units now correctly reframes/rezooms the Octane Viewport
- Changes to a Morph Influence now trigger a reloading of the parent mesh if that mesh has Live Geometry Update enabled
- Added octane.uploadFrame to upload the currently rendering scene to the OctaneRender Cloud. If Octane is not rendering, the scene will be loaded into Octane and uploaded without starting the actual render. The upload status is in the render statistics. octane.cancelUpload will cancel the upload
- Renamed "Load All Frames Into Octane" to "Object Motion Blur"
- Added "Camera Motion Blur" checkbox. This means you can now render animations where the render camera changes between cameras (turn Camera Motion Blur OFF to do this)
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added Proxy meshes to Modo Item items. This allows you to specify an OCS or ORBX file in the Mesh->Octane properties and the mesh item from that file will be rendered instead of the Modo Mesh item. This is only available if Live Geometry Update is OFF. See https://docs.otoy.com/manuals/products/ ... oxy-files/ for details.
- The octane.saveAnimation command now deletes the temporary ABC file created if exporting to the .orbx format
- Resolved an issue where meshes were not always reloading correcting (eg. for some Fur Material situations) when rendering animations when Use Modo Render Cache was enabled
- Resolved an issue where the octane.saveAnimation command was only exporting 1 frame if the Use Modo Render Cache option was enabled
- Added "Use Color For Alpha" to the Preferences->Octane panel, which allows you to assign a background color when using the Alpha Channel. Thanks to Funk who worked out how this could be implemented.
- Resolved issue where UV coordinates where not being loaded for static meshes
- Improved the material conversion for VDBVoxel volumes
- Rendering VDBVoxels now detects the density and temperature layers and assigns Scatter, Absorption and Emissions accordingly
- Loading of VDBVoxel data is now done natively through Modo rather than via the .VDB file loader in Octane. This means you can animate .VDB file sequences, and VDB Mesh Source Items are now supported
- You can now edit a Volume material by adding an Octane Override. See https://youtu.be/0pTMl5G5sJU for details. (19-Jul-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3.03.2
- Added Camera->Far Clip Depth
- Added Camera->Stereo->Swap Eyes
- The Octane NodeGraph window now closes whenever you perform an action back in Modo. This resolves a crash situation - Windows only (3-Jul-2016)
- You can now clear the Kernel->Background Filename and the background image will be removed from the Octane Viewport
- Fixed potential crash situation when deleting material masks from the Shader Tree in Modo10.1v1
- The Create Octane Emitter command now uses the light name for the emitter mesh and material name
- Fixed issue where Front Projection was only working in some situations when World Coordinates was ticked
- Added Use Modo Clipped Distance to the Octane Camera settings (to auto-set the Octane Near Clip Depth) (19-Jun-2016)
- Added support for the Dissolve Effect (treated the same way as Transparency Amount)
- Added an option to the octane.save command to specify the filename to save to
- Added python interface (see https://docs.otoy.com/manuals/products/ ... interface/ for details)
- Compiled with Octane 3.01.1
- Compiled with Octane 3.01 (3.0.22)
- Fixed the "Texture Tangent" InfoChannel kernel Type
- Fixed issue where setting the Work Chunk Size may result in an Octane Log message
- Added "Use For Tonemap" in the Cuda options (to match Octane Standalone)
- The NodeGraph node edit window now "remembers" it's previous state
- Fixed issue where NodeGraph materials were not loading correctly if used on multiple meshes
- Fixed crash when rendering VDB files in a VDBVoxel node
- Added preliminary support for VDB file texturing. See https://docs.otoy.com/manuals/products/ ... -features/ for details
- Added support for the Solid Project Type (effectively the same mapping as Cubic)
- Fixed menu links to the LiveDb and Manual web pages
- Removed rotation from the Box Projection to better match Octane with Modo
- Fixed issues with the Spherical and Cylinder Projection types in the Z axis not matching Modo
- "octane.MaterialMacro copyMaterial" and "octane.MaterialMacro pasteMaterial" commands now copy/paste the material to/from an XML string via the system clipboard (25-May-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3.0 (3.0.20)
- Fixed an issue where changing the Image values was causing the render to restart (21-May-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3 beta 4 (3.0.15).
- Set a maximum of 20 texturemaps that can be entered into the octane.createUdim command. This maximum will be increased in the near future
- Fixed issue where the Create Octane Emitter would add the emission node to the wrong Octane Override if the schematic was not open
- Fixed issue where changing certain kernel pins was incorrectly restarting the render
- You can now connect a Photometry Light Filename to the Filename pin of an Octane Image node
- Added support for the new Octane 3 beta 2 render region (tick the Kernel->Resolution->Use Modo Render Region to enable the Octane render region to be sync'd to the Modo render region)
- Added Deep Image to the Save (octane.save) options.
- Added Render Cache support for when the visibility of Mesh items changes (3-May-2016)
- Fixed issue where adding an Octane Override in Modo10 was converting the Modo material incorrectly (introduced in
- Changing shader tree Non-Octane channel modifiers and inputs now live updates the material (or kernel, or environment) in the Octane Viewport. So for example, you can now plug an Area Light Intensity into an Octane Float node into the Octane Texture Emission Power of the material resulting from the Create Octane Emitter command
- Bool and Integer modo channels can now be plugged into Octane Integer and Boolean nodes (this was previously only possible with Float and Color channels).
- Added preliminary support for subframe motion blur (1-May-2016)
- Fixed crash occurring when adding on Octane Override in Modo10.0v1 (30-Apr-2016)
- Compiled with Octane 3 alpha 10 (3.0.10). This means that Render Region is working again. Authentication panel is also removed.
- Shutter Interval Approach is renamed to Shutter Alignment, and defaults to Symmetric to better match Modo's settings.
- Added checkbox to the Animation setting panel "Use Modo Shutter Speed" which syncs the Octane Shutter Speed to the Modo Shutter Speed and Blur Length.
- When Use Modo Resolution is enabled, if the Modo Camera has "Override Render Resolution" enabled, the camera resolution will be used by Octane
- Many minor fixes and changes to the NodeGraph node
- Fixed issue where changing the material connected to a NodeGraph node output would result in the node graph not being saved (a popup now warns you this has happen).
- EXPERIMENTAL: The NodeGraph node will now automatically add any INPUT nodes from the Octane node graph onto the NodeGraph node channel list in the Modo Schematic, so you can now plugin Octane nodes into a NodeGraph in the Schematic
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added on-the-fly material conversion for the Modo Unreal Material. This currently uses a pre-built Octane shader which will match the Modo render, using the Unreal Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Metallic and Ambient Occlusion Effect images
- Added the octane.exportMaterial command to export the currently select Octane Override to an OCS or ORBX file
- The plugin now picks up the SLIK2 Light Intensity, however more changes are required to better support SLIK2 lumigons
- The new rendertarget Visible Environment pin is not yet supported
- Transparency Amount Effects with Alpha Only enabled now convert to Octane AlphaImage rather than GreyscaleImage nodes
- If there is a luminous color map and an luminous amount map - they are multiply together and used in the Octane Emission texture
- Fixed issue related the Modo10.0v1 compatibility
- Added support for images with the Luminous Color Effect in the Shader Tree. In this case, the Luminous Color Effect becomes the input RGB Image to the Emission Texture and the Emission Power is set to 1.5
- Fixed bug where the Transparency Amount Effect image map was not being applied correctly from the Shader Tree
- Compiled with Octane 3 alpha 6 (3.0.6). Note the minimum Nvidia driver required is 353
- The Object Layer Color render layer/infochannel kernel type is not yet usable
- Changes to the Linux build to support earlier versions of Linux
- Fixed issue where the Baking Camera was sometimes missing Baking Group Id and UV Set
- The Object Layer node connected to an exported .abc file is now named according to it's owner .abc file when using the octane.saveAnimation command
- Color Correction->Brightness now has a maximum value of 100
- Compiled with Octane 3.0 alpha 4
- Removed IES and HDR from the background image load types
- Added EXR to the Image node load types
- Added preliminary support for VDBVoxel volumes, which if Generate Voxel Mesh is UNTICKED, will be loaded into an Octane Volume node. Material editing is not possible yet - however you can experiement by editing the medium connected to the Octane Volume by typing "octane.command showNodeGraph" (any changes made are lost on the next scene refresh)
- Added the Timeline to the Modo901 Octane layout (you will probably need to delete your Modo901/902.cfg for this to be seen)
- Spread the nodes out more (in the up/down direction) in the Schematic when loading LiveDb presets or adding Octane Overrides
- Refreshed the LiveDb. Pls download the latest version from https://docs.otoy.com/Modo/?page_id=909
- Compiled with Octane 3.0 alpha 3
- Changed Ray Epsilon to a Modo "distance" property so very small numbers are displayed correctly
- Removed the Octane settings defaults system. Instead, set your preferences Octane settings to a blank scene, and then use Modo->System->Preferences->Defaults->Application->assign the Default Scene to the scene you just saved
- Added "Shutter Interval Approach" to the Kernel Animation settings (to match the same setting in Octane Standalone)
- The "Shutter Speed" property is now a double, rather than an integer, allowing a greater level of precision when setting the shutter speed
- Added preliminary support for Modo Cubic projection mapping
- Fixed issue where the Out Of Core enabled setting was incorrectly set when first starting Modo
- Fixed bug when animated focus distances where not being loaded into the Octane timeline when Load All Frames Into Octane was checked
- Fixed issue where the Displacement Mid Level was not accessible on the Displacement node in the Schematic
- Added Windows Modo701 build
- Added Linux and OSX builds
- Fixed issue introduced in where Bool pins where not being set correctly when opening the Viewport
- Compiled with Octane 3.0 alpha 2
- On-the-fly material conversion now uses the Modo Material values at the current frame, rather than frame 0, so animated Modo Material values should now work in Octane animations
- Fix issue when exporting to OCS/ORBX where mesh containers would reference an OBJ file after the export
- Fixed issue where if you multi-selected multiple Octane Overrides and pressed Delete, not all Octane Overrides would have their schematic workspaces deleted
- Changed Max Tile Samples default to 16 and maximum to 32
- Added Work Chunk Size to the PMC Kernel
- Added Baking Camera
- Added Baking Group Id, Roughness and Index of Refraction Render Passes
- Add Bump And Normal Mapping checkbox to the Render Passes settings
- Removed Info After Beauty and Tonemap checkboxes from the Render Passes settings
- Added Baking Group Id to the Octane Mesh settings
- Added support for the Environment Medium. To do this, drag the "Medium (Octane)" channel from the Environment into a Schematic Workspace, and attach and Octane Medium node to it
- You can now drag any Octane Kernel, Camera, Environment, Post Proc, Imager, etc properties onto the Schematic and attach an Octane node(s) to it. There is no type checking when doing this, so plugin an Octane Int into a Float pin with raise an Octane Log msg. Pins like Resolution will not work with this feature.
- Partial Modo VDBVoxel support (converts to an Octane Volume, but no material editing yet)
- Manual updated with Octane 3 features. Pls see https://docs.otoy.com/Modo/?page_id=1192 for details.
- Compiled with Octane 3.0.0 (alpha 1)
- Added new Render Passes
- Removed "Ambient" and "Sample Environment" GI Modes from the Direct Light kernel
- Added Deep Image settings to the kernel settings
- Added "Update on Mouse Button Release" to the Modo Preferences->Octane panel. When enabled, dragging Modo Mesh in the preview window will NOT trigger a Live Geometry update UNTIL the mouse button is released. Enabling this option significantly reduces lag whilst dragging Mesh items.
- Added support for normal maps in the on-the-fly material conversions
- The plugin now updates the Octane daylight position when the assigned Modo Environment Sun Light is changed

* TODO: Adding a Medium node to the Environment is not yet supported
* TODO: Add Volume support via the Modo VDBVoxel item
* KNOWN ISSUE : If you pause rendering, change an Octane setting, then continue rendering, the Viewport will freeze (and you will need to refresh the scene to restart the Viewport). This will be fixed by Otoy in the next release of the API.
* KNOWN ISSUE : If you scrub the timeline whilst rendering in Octane, emitters may randomly stop emitting light. This has been reported to Otoy as a bug in the API.
- Fixed issue introduced in where changing the viewport scaling interpolation to Smooth created problems with the render region box
- Added Texture Environment Power to the Environment->Daylight panel, which can be adjusted when Use Texture Environment is enabled to adjust the power of the environment texturemap
- When the Setup window is opened (when you click a Material/Group in the Shader Tree) - if the Setup Window was already open, it will be re-opened to raise it above all other windows
- Fixed minor rounding issues related to converting Modo time to Octane time
- Compiled with Octane 2.24.2
- Change scale zooming in the Viewport from Smooth to Sharp interpolation
- Fixed crash when rendering curves in the Modo901 version of the plugin
- Fixed issue where the Glossy "Roughness" value would convert to a number higher than 1.
- Fixed issue where in some situations, non-Live meshes would use the "Texture" UV Vertex map rather than the assigned map
- Fixed an issue related to resolving UV map names for static meshes, hair strand geometry and meshes with Load Cage enabled
- When rendering an animation, you can now select a non-beauty pass prior to starting the animation, and that pass will be saved to the resulting png/exr files. Remember to change the output filename so that you don't overwrite your beauty pass files when doing this. A more complete solution for outputing separate render passes will be in a future release
- Image and Post Proc property/channel changes no more quickly update the viewport
- Saving the Viewport or an animation to Multi-layer EXR now saves UN-TONEMAPPED (ie. Linear color space). So your existing scenes that did save renders Tonemapped, will not save then tonemapped when you load into this release of the plugin
- Added Multi-layer EXR (32/64bit) Tonemapped options to the Viewport save and animation save format
- Fixed issue where the Kernel->Polygon Displacement setting was effecting displacement maps when Use Modo Render Cache was OFF
- Compiled with Octane 2.24.1
- Added command "octane.renderStatus ?" which returns true if the render has finished (ie. samples == max samples)
- You can now directly plug Modo Material colors into Octane RGB Color, Octane Greyscale Color and Octane Float Value nodes. See https://youtu.be/fN9H_x_pDpQ for details
- Fixed bug where only 2 (rather than Octane maximum of 3) UV maps could be used. Pls see https://youtu.be/rvuFI3okFwA for details.
- Zooming the Viewport with the mouse wheel now zooms on the mouse position
- Add a warning message if there are any '~',':' or '%' characters in Shader Tree group names. These characters are used for Selection Set and Part support, so should not be used in Group names
- Changed the conversion of Modo Luminous Intensity to Octane Emitter Power
- Fixed further problem with Modo Offsets not being applied correctly
- Changed the Viewport color scheme to match Modo render viewport
- The Modo Material Diffuse Amount is now used as the Octane Diffuse Image Power
- Modo numerical properties/channels can be connected to Octane Float nodes if via a sub-assembly. This is an undocumented workaround - intended for advanced users only.
- Fixed issue where if Film Fit = Fill, the plugin was not calculating the Octane Camera Offset correctly
- Fixed crash introduced in related to support of Selection Sets
- Compiled with Octane 2.24
- Added the Modo command line panel to the OctaneRender layout
- Fixed issue where Imager and Post Proc settings were not being saved to the defaults file
- Zooming the Viewport (with the mouse wheel) in Modo901 now also zooms the background image
- Added support for masking by Selection Set and Part in Shader Tree groups. This means there are some special characters that should NOT be used in group names - being ':', '~' and '%'
- Fixed crash resulting from activating an already activated plugin
- Fixed issue where saving images with special characters in the filename or folder name were not working
- Converted the nodeGraph and udimNodeGraph nodes from XmlString format to a custom format for storing in the .lxo files to get arond the 63k character limit. Previously saved nodeGraph node in .lxo files will be lost
- NodeGraph an UdimNodeGraph nodes now have a Copy to Clipboard and Paste from Clipboard to transfer Octane nodes in XML format in and out of these nodes (and to/from Octane Standalone)
- Preferences->User Modo Render Cache now defaults to OFF for Modo901
- Fixed issue where the replicator transforms were being sourced from frame 0 rather than the current timeline frame
- All Octane commands are now in the "octane" category in the F5 Commands tab
- Added octane.createUdim command to load UDIM files in place of an Image or AlphaImage node (see separate video posted in the Otoy forums). This is experiment functionality at the moment.
- Fixed issues associated with the calculation of the Film Offset when "Use Modo Film Offset" was ticked
- Fixed lock-up when closing the Viewport on Modo801 when network rendering
- Added "Use Modo Environment Power" and "Use Modo Environment Rotation" properties to the Octane Environment panel
- Fixed issue when ticking Kernel->Keep Environment was not working correctly
- Added 'command octane.saveMeshInstances filename:csv_filename' to save all the instances of the currently selected Mesh or Replicator item to a CSV file for loading into a Scatter node in Octane Standalone of the OctaneRender for Nuke plugin. Does not export replicator particle instances
- Fixed various issues associated with loading and saving defaults setup for the Kernel, Camera and Environment items in Modo901
- Added "Reset Settings to Default" to the Octane Environment panel
- Added the Change Lock button back to the Modo901 Octane toolbar
- Fixed issue where the "Edit in Schematic" button was not working if the "Open OctaneRender Setup Window on Selection" Preference was disabled
- Fixed Image Sequences not working. Note: Image Sequences are only supported on one-the-fly material conversions (ie. not supported in Octane Overrides).
- Added bump map conversion for specular materials
- Fixed issue were on-the-fly material conversion was plugging the Transparency Color into the Opacity instead of the Transmission pin
- Changed "octane.command exportAlembic" to "octane.saveAnimation [filename]"
- Fixed minor issues when cancelling an animation in Modo901
- Fixed bug where the octane.materialMacro pasteMaterial command would not paste Specular materials
- Changing the value of "shared" Octane Override nodes now updates all materials using those nodes
- Fixed "Error getting polygon displacement" log message when rendering with displacement in Modo701/801.
- You can now animation the rendering resolution (regardless of the "Use Modo Resolution" checkbox status)
- Defaulted the "Open Setup Window when Override is selected" and "Open Setup Window when Override is created" Preference to OFF for Modo901
- Added the number of triangle with have Displacement to the render statistics
- Fix the matching of Modo CC Subd Boundary Rules with Octane Subd Boundary Interpolation rules
- Added the Panoramic Camera Stereo Output "Over-Under" option
- Added additional Panoramic Camera cube mapping projections

* Known Issue: When the Use Modo Render Cache preference is enabled, Replicator Prototypes must be visible, otherwise they do not render. This has been reported as a bug to TF.
- Fixed issue where the Z Depth render pass default, min and max values where incorrect
- Modo901 : Fixed issue where Replicators were not extracting transforms correctly in some situations
- Added option to save 16bit multi-layer EXR's
- Modo901 : Added the Kernel->Polygon Displacement property, which when enabled, the plugin will load displaced polygons from the Modo 901 render cache, and will not process the Octane Displacement node. This will result in a much slower load time, but allows the loading of procedural displacement maps. Requires the Preferences->Octane->Use Modo Render Cache setting to be enabled. Adjust the number of displacement polygons via the Render->Settings->Geometry Displacement options.
- Fixed issue where certain LiveDb texturemaps had the wrong folder location stored in the Filename property
- Fixed issue where pick cursors were not visible in Modo801
- Fixed issue introduced in where material picking was not working
- Modo901 - added Images Palette button and Animation button to the OctaneRender layout toolbar. NOTE: The Image palette is not current working correctly on Modo901 - see Known Issue point 4 at http://render.otoy.com/universe.php#42M ... 0Specifics. That means these buttons also appear on the Viewport toolbar.
- Added "Edit Node Graph" button to the NodeGraph node in the Schematic, allowing you to edit the XML String in the Octane Node Graph. This is available in Modo901 only. Mouseover the button for details. This is experimental functionality at this stage.
- Each material is now a separate node graph in Octane. You will only notice this change if you open the scene in Octane Standalone
- Modo901 Added Clips tab to the OctaneRender layout
- Modo901 Material Conversion : If the Modo Material is Physically Based, the Octane roughness will be the Modo roughness sqaured x 2.
- Modo901 Material Conversion : If the Modo Material "Use Refractive Index" is enabled, the Octane Glossy Index is set to the Modo Refractive Index.
- Added the Octane Value Enum node type, which is an integer which can be plugged into Enumerated pin types
- Imager and Postproc properties can now be animated
- Initial release of the Modo901 plugin
- Compiled with Octane 2.23.2
- Once an animation has finished rendering, a log entry is added to the Modo log indicating the total render time
- Added new Octane node type "Node Graph", which has a single pin out which must be compatible with the pin that it is plugged into. Copy and paste from an Octane Standalone Node Graph into this node's XML property.
- Added ability to attach an Octane Nodes to assembly inputs and outputs. There is less error checking on pin compatibility, so you may get an Octane or plugin error message if you connect the wrong node into the wrong pin via an assembly link.
- Fixed Horizontal and Vertical Wrap alignment issues when the projection type was UV Map
- Additional fix to correct colormapping issues with the octane.command downloadLiveDb command thumbnail generation.
- Added the Step checkbox and Control Points input in the Gradient 2 texture node
- Fixed issues with the downloadLiveDb command (and refreshed the downloads in the on-line Manual)
- Fixed issue where Octane IES lights where not pointing in the same direction as the Modo Photometric light that was used to create then
- Photometric lights now convert (via Create Octane Emitter) to geometry which is invisible in the Octane scene
- Fixed issues when multi-selecting Modo lights and then clicking Create Octane Emitter
- Fixed Kernel Save Format combobox hints
- Cleaned up properties displayed when switching between Thin Lens and Panoramic cameras
- Removed Environment max samples pin
- Added Light Pass Id to the Viewport render passes
- Added support for additional control points in the Octane Gradient node. Use the Gradient 2 node and click Edit Gradient to access this.
- Compiled with Octane 2.22.2. See Octane Standalone release note for details
- Addition and modification of stereo and panoramic camera pins to match Octane Standalone
- Added support for multiple (up to 3) UV maps when loading meshes with the Load Cage property ticked.
- Added Thin Lens camera Pixel and Aperture Aspect Ratio pins from Octane 2.22
- Fixed Icon thumbnail colors when saving an Octane material as a preset
- Added option to move the Environment IBL up/down (new pin "IBL Y Translate")
- Changes to the Kit CFG to compatibility with future releases of Modo

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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby Tharso » Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:28 pm

Tharso Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:28 pm
The problem with render region is still there. I am working with new octane nodegraph, and I know if I dont close it the changes is not permanent but if I change other material I lose all my changes too if window not closed.
Some random crashs too with octane nodegraph opened.
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby face_off » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:37 am

face_off Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:37 am
The problem with render region is still there. I am working with new octane nodegraph, and I know if I dont close it the changes is not permanent but if I change other material I lose all my changes too if window not closed.
Some random crashs too with octane nodegraph opened.
It is really hard to help without very specific information - like what version of the plugin are you using? Windows, OSX or Linux? What do you mean by "nodegraph" - the NodeGraph node in the Schematic, or the octane.command showNodeGraph command? If you can give a set of steps I can follow to reproduce the problem, I can fix it - but without that there is not a lot I can do - sorry.

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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby smicha » Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:55 am

smicha Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:55 am
Finally I just bought the plugin. I want to say big THANK YOU Paul for your fantastic work.
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby face_off » Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:15 am

face_off Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:15 am
The Window installers for the Octane 3.03.2 version of the plugin is available from:

Modo901/10 -> https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloads/plugins/24/f4/88/6e/OctaneRender_for_Modo901_3_3_2_111_64bit.exe
Modo801 -> https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloads/plugins/3f/88/b5/0f/OctaneRender_for_Modo801_3_3_2_111_64bit.exe
- Compiled with Octane 3.03.2
- Added Camera->Far Clip Depth
- Added Camera->Stereo->Swap Eyes
- The Octane NodeGraph window now closes whenever you perform an action back in Modo. This resolves a crash situation

The OSX and Linux installers will be post in the next day or two.

Win7/Win10/Mavericks/Mint 17 - GTX550Ti/GT640M
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby Tharso » Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:02 pm

Tharso Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:02 pm
face_off wrote:The Window installers for the Octane 3.03.2 version of the plugin is available from:

- The Octane NodeGraph window now closes whenever you perform an action back in Modo. This resolves a crash situation


Thats it.
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby smicha » Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:53 pm

smicha Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:53 pm

I added another camera but when I choose it from the camera modo list the viewport does not change. The only way to choose a different camera view is via octane kernel settings and the camera list. Is it designed to work like this? Is there any way to make modo camera list active for octane viewport?
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build-log http://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=42540
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby smicha » Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:34 pm

smicha Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:34 pm
2. The 3.03 loads 9 seconds even with an empty scene. Isn't it loo long?
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build-log http://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=42540
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby smicha » Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:44 pm

smicha Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:44 pm
3. When I open modo (empty scene) and go to Octane Render tab and then 'Octane Kernel' and try to drag the first available 'Octane/Modo Render Camera' channel Octane crashes.
Win7, Modo 10.1, Octane for Modo and Sketchup, nVidia latest, TITAN+3x780 6GB, 2600K, P8P67WS, 32GB, 1350W
SMH10, EK, Airplex_480, SR1_560, 20xNB_PL2, 2xD5, Aquaero 6XT
build-log http://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=42540
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Re: OctaneRender for Modo 3.02 [TEST]

Postby Visualize » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:40 am

Visualize Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:40 am
How can I change the environment map texture in octane from pure white to the 4 color gradient? Yeah it works if I use an HDRI map but if I just add layer or just use the default environment material map its pure white even if I change the zenith sky and ground and nadir color.

Using latest test version.

Please help, thanks
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