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Octane X™ PR 3 for Catalina

Postby haze » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:04 am

haze Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:04 am
Hi all

Today we release Octane X PR3 which brings you full OSL support and full speed on Catalina. We are still working through some more issues on Big Sur at this time.

Reminder, this build supports Navi and Vega AMD cards only.

Changes since PR2

  • Full OSL support
  • Added support for universal camera
  • Speed up geometry data compilation
  • Fixed possible crash when using "Find by pattern" for image tiles
  • Fixed adaptive sampling regression due to a difference in the noise pass
  • Fixed render data corruption on large resolutions when using denoiser
  • Fixed accessing invalid pin for glossy material
  • Fixed inverse IOR map not working for specular layer
  • Fixed host memory imports for OOC images with sizes that are not multiples of the alignment
  • Fixed OOC "Memory is still being used by device" crash
  • Fixed invalid data in OOC buffers when rendering is stopped and restarted
  • Fixed AI light
  • Fixed HDR viewport sluggishness
  • Fixed camera motion blur not always working for the first rendered frame.
  • Fixed volume ramp rendering
  • Workaround compiler hang on one specific compute shader
  • Fixed gizmos not working with geometric primitives
  • Improve octane environment sampling performance
  • Fixed a crash when expanding a built-in scripted graph node
  • Fixed crash when a vectron node has more than one geometry input pin
  • Fixed vectron intersection test for rays starting inside a sphere
  • Fixed gizmos using wrong camera FOV when using universal camera
  • Fixed a bug vertex displacement mixer was not working if a connected input has multiple destination (ie connected to any other displacement mixer or used directly. Also displacement node height and shift is now applied at evaulation time
  • Fixed in some cases where hair BSDF was gaining energy and angle offset was offsetted incorrectly
  • Workaround for a compiler issue causing the render layer shadow pass to not render correctly
  • Fixed the shadow catcher material
  • Fixed having incorrect geometry data sometimes


Downloads for Enterprise subscription users:

Octane X Enterprise Standalone for MacOS 10

Octane X Enterprise Network Rendering Node for MacOS 10

Downloads for Studio subscription users:

Octane X Studio Standalone for MacOS
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