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Let's share settings

Postby goranmax » Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:09 am

goranmax Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:09 am
Hi all

I think all the sharing is nice...but let's share settings of a render ...so people can learn more.
As you might know the Evemotion.com website.....people share all the setting they use to make a better render....this is really cool.
So far I only see parts of settings of a render but not all.

So lets create a new Tutorial Part on this forum with some tips and tricks / tutorials.
Lets share together so more and more cool renders can be created with Octane and everybody can make stunning Renders.
I think the video Tutorials on the website are not bad....but they are NOT detailed enough. ( we have seen what we can do with Octane now...BUT HOW ?)

For me....I learn by seeing and not reading the Pdf. Specially the Preview Kernel , Environment and the Imager settings. Material too please.

You ask how can you show........just make a screenshot .. and that's it.
I know allot of people do not like to share ...they think they worked hard to learn and do not make it eazy for others.
But we do not live in the same Street / city as you and we do not steel any customers from you !!! We are all learning...specially me.

We see great renders here ....If you like one...ask the designer to share.

So please Share.

Best regards Goran
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