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Post, discuss and share handy resources like textures, models and HDRI maps in this forum.
Forum rules
Please do not post any material that is copyrighted or restricted from public use in any way. OTOY NZ LTD and it's forum members are not liable for any copyright infringements on material in this forum. Please contact us if this is the case and we will remove the material in question.

Resources and sharing rules

Postby radiance » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:51 pm

radiance Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:51 pm
Welcome to the Ressources & Tutorials forum
You can use this forum to share knowledge and learn from others
Please take time to read those simple Rules before posting

Everything you're gonna share must be either free or free for personnal use
Please read licenses before sharing something and always link to the original source
Always write something, don't post links alone without saying what it is and what's included.

Write clean and clear Topic titles like [HDRI] Pack of 12 from BlahStudios

Don't write Topic with titles like Oh look this is amazing or Free stuff or even Check that
People must know, just by reading the title, what's in the Topic or what subject the Topic focus

This forum is not for technical support, please use the existing forum for it
This forum is not the "General discussion" forum, its focused on sharing content

In this forum you can share...

Textures and materials (good quality please)
3D Models and scenes (wavefront obj files are strongly recommended)
References images (not seamless textures, stuff like doors, columns etc...)
Tutorials (made by yourself, or free tutorials)
Tips and Tricks (made by yourself or well documented)
General CG knowledge (like "how to light a scene" or "what are the secret of good materials")
White papers about new technology

You can also speak about...

Textures and materials (technical informations, "how-to", tips and tricks and small tutorials)
Other 3D Softwares (how to export correctly for Octane from various 3D package, things like that)
Tutorials (speak about tutorials you've seen, good books you have read etc...)
General CG speak (speak about other 3D softwares, plugins, good Octane companions etc..)
General CG news (for example speak about new software, things that goes open sources etc...)

You are not allowed to share...

Copyrighted content
Stuff you have re-uploaded and claim its yours
Applications, Executables or archives that contain executables
Password protected archives

You are not allowed to speak, promote, post links to...

Websites that share copyrighted content
Content that is not free, and when no samples are available
Self-promotion and abusive links to your own website
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