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Thank you

Postby zshadez » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:05 am

zshadez Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:05 am
I'd never really considered VR images before, but after trying the amazing Pseudoscience 6DoF Viewer I started scanning the internet for VR/Dof images and landed on the Render the Metaverse contest page here and I instantly became a parasite consuming all of your bandwidth. I never thought I'd burn through 8GB in an hour downloading .png files. This is amazing. I just got the Gear last week and am only starting to play with it, and this is the best content I've seen. This is what I wanted VR for. I can walk through a park or watch a movie or meditate by a stream pretty much anytime. Being in the center of a crystalline/Donnie Dark squid/squiggle thing in space with some clocks around me or talking to a giant turtle head sticking up out of the earth or realizing I'm in the middle of a Final Fantasy inspired but not IP infringing field trip are things that until now I could only experience by ignoring the warning labels on cough syrup. Now I can finally show people how it felt to be lost in that cavern in the bathroom that time in college.

This is some of the most inspiring, awesome, mind bending stuff I've ever seen and I wanted to thank everyone for the time and effort that went in to all of these. Keep being amazing. :)
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