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Unity Mass Baking - Scripts or Tools for Large Scenes?

Postby SamuelAB » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:30 pm

SamuelAB Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:30 pm

I am looking to bake a complex script with roughly 250 lightmaps. All the objects are individual FBX models and they have been unwrapped in 3ds Max using Flatiron.

I am wondering if there are scripts that will help doing this process and save time? I need to:
-Assign a unique Baking group ID to all objects
-Batch bake all these textures using these IDs
-Create an unlit material for these materials and assign it to the right geometry
-Assign the right image to these new materials

I am also not sure about another thing. If I've assigned the unlit materials, will it screw up future renders? Like if 90% of the scene has unlit materials and I bake another part of the scene, will the light bounce properly as if I was using the original material, or will it be using wrong data and giving skewed results. With Flatiron, there are Kernel materials that let you render using the original materials and switch between the original and baked material. I don't see this feature in Unity.

A lot of this automation I usually taken care of by Flatiron in 3ds Max when I bake large complex scenes, but now I have to do it by hand in Unity (or learn to code, which is not realistic). Am I missing something about this workflow or is there perhaps a tool already available to do this faster?

Any help in automating this task would be greatly appreciated!!
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