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OctaneRender™ for Blender 3.06.4 - 12.2 [OBSOLETE]

Postby azen » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:51 am

azen Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:51 am
OctaneRender™ for Blender plugin. Windows, Linux and OSX versions.

This version of the Blender plugin now supports the latest Stable 3.06 version of the OctaneRender core engine. From here, it will now be possible to resolve the reported bugs, get to work on feature requests, and implement OctaneRender 3.07 support without the delays experienced with the release of 3.06. We are now expecting to return to a more regular and consistent schedule from henceforth.

Thanks to the expanded development resources we now have, and particularly the addition of our newest developer, the pace and quality of development will now be greatly improved going forward.

We hope that you enjoy this latest version, and will enjoy the new things still to come.

Note to OctaneVR users - you will find the OctaneVR version for this release under "Downloads" in your Customer Account Page.


  • New 3.06.4 engine support implemented.
  • Support animated material export(orbx).
  • Adjust status text in interative rendering to make it more understandable (e.g. status text no shows Octane rendering past the set Max Samples)
A sample of the fixes that have occurred in the 3.06.4 rendering core over the previous version to be compatible with OctaneRender for Blender (3.06 TEST from early this year):

  • Fixed missing geometry update if some transformations are added to an initially empty scatter node.
  • Fixed loading of palletized images into the alpha image texture node, which was basically ignoring the alpha channel in those cases.
  • Fixed incorrect loading of extra UVs, which caused triangles with only 0 or 1 UV sets to be treated as triangles with multiple UV sets, which increased memory usage and reduced render performance by a couple percent.
  • Fixed numerical issues in reflections of specular surfaces, if the incoming ray is exactly perpendicular to the surface. This created for example a lot of noise on a horizontal plane if the sun would stand exactly in zenith.
  • Fixed incorrect warning in the batch render scripts if %p is not in the file name template, but multi-pass EXRs are saved.
  • Fixed unhandled exception if a render result of a scene with no geometry is saved together with image metadata.
  • Fixed missing illumination when the sampling rate of an emitter is set to 0.
  • Fixed bug in the batch render job graph that disconnected render target nodes if a scene doesn't have animation.
  • Fixed crash when a project gets loaded, but there is no main window (for example in the benchmark script).
  • Added ability to change linker group names in the node graph editor, too.
  • Switched the triplanar texture to use the interpolated geometry normal without bump mapping (see viewtopic.php?p=311801#p311801).
  • Removed recovery after CUDA failures, because it doesn't work. As soon as a CUDA failure occurs, the CUDA becomes unusable for that device, which seems to be a limitation of CUDA.
  • Fixed unnecessary render restarts after changing scatter and placement nodes that are not connected with mesh nodes.
  • Fixed missing geometry update after a volume got reloaded due to a time change and some scene update was triggered in between.
  • Fixed random CUDA crashes in scenes with high densities of overlapping instances.
  • Fixed the motion vector pass, which didn't do the viewport transformation correctly for perspective cameras.
  • Fixed auto-focus in stereo cameras (the left eye is always used for auto-focus picking).
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment if the geometry ends up being 1 simple mesh, but the scene graph consists of multiple instances/meshes.
  • Reverted default texture of the second input texture of the multiply texture to a float texture. This allows you to set a higher multiplication factor than 1.
  • Fixed a couple of authentication issues.
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour which didn't allow users to re-enter their credentials if the SSO authentication expired.
  • Changed defaults of the cosine mix texture to match the regular mix texture.
  • Various other new settings, features, and new nodes (see the standalone 3.06 changelogs).

You can read about new features of OctaneRender™ 3.06 here:

The installation consists from two parts:
1. OctaneRender™ Server
2. Blender - OctaneRender™ edition.

After starting OctaneServer it will take some time before the LiveDB tree and LiveDB material previews will be available from Blender - as OctaneServer caches the LiveDB data from remote server right after starting. But only the materials groups tree will be re-cached every time after server start, LiveDB material preview images will be cached only once - so only the very first OctaneServer start will need some more time before LiveDB tree will be available in Blender.
After the server is run - you can start rendering (or open a rendered view) from inside Blender.

If you need to see the changelog of current rendering core, or download standalone installer to get network slave and daemon please find it here:


DOWNLOAD (both distributives must be reinstalled, they depend on each other)

Blender Octane Edition - 12.2 (2.78a)
Octane Server - 12.2


- Just run the installer to see its command line keys.;)
- If you need to run OctaneServer - run it as daemon:
Code: Select all
$ OctaneServer &


Blender Octane Edition - v12.2 Linux

DEMO is available..

Blender Octane Edition DEMO - v12.2 Linux


- Just run autoinstaller file.
- Or, if you know what you are doing, you can use the ZIP archive to copy .app files manually.


Autoinstaller: Blender Octane Edition - v12.2 OSX Autoinstaller
ZIP archive: Blender Octane Edition - v12.2 OSX ZIP

Please note, in regards to Bug Reporting:

- Bug Reports in this section refer to plugin-specific bugs only. Bugs originating from the Octane Standalone should be reported to the Standalone Forum section instead

- For faster troubleshooting, please provide as much information as possible. Please include:
  • Your Hardware specifications (unless they are included in your signature)
  • A clear description of the issue you have found
  • Steps that you took to trigger this bug, so that we can reproduce it (ideally, please also provide screenshots. If possible, files for testing would also be appreciated).
  • Whenever possible, please confirm that this issue is only happening in the plugin, and not also in the Standalone Edition (if the bug occurs in both, it is likely that this issue should be reported in the OctaneRender Standalone section of the Forums).

- Please bear in mind - we are primarily an English-Language Forum. Please do not take offense if we request further clarification due to language differences.
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