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Re: Sculptron 1.0 - Alpha 2 is out!

Postby cgmodeler » Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:52 pm

cgmodeler Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:52 pm
That's simply amazing, this is a great tool, this is the first time I used it and the potential it has for animation, stylizing, NPR, etc... seems endless

I was wondering if there's a way to enable full object grabbing/rotating/scaling, pretty much the way sculptris does it.
Right now there's no way to translate/rotate or scale the object unless you increase the hardness to and the radius to fit the whole object.

I would like to suggest a few things to improve the animation workflow:

- Shortcut to add intervals to selected frames
- Curve Mode override for all new keyframes (spline, linear, stepped)
- I wonder if an equivalent of the dynamesh(maybe this is the Dynamic Mesh sculpting on the roadmap?) is being considered specially to reduce geometry
- Playblast tool, maybe an integration with FFMPEG to export the image sequence as a video and preview it realtime since the scenes will get heavier over time so playback will become laggier
- Symmetry modes (I just found it My bad)
- Can't wait for the alembic Import/Export :D

Congratulations again on this great tool, I'm gonna keep on playing with it,
Meanwhile here's a small video of a quick test for a bouncy clay.
And I recorded the whole animation process.


Thanks again for sharing this with the community
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Re: Sculptron 1.0 - Alpha 2 is out!

Postby gilles83 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:49 pm

gilles83 Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:49 pm
Can you tell us when we can expect to have the alembic ? I know you are in dev, but I would love to know if i could wait few weeks/monhts or it's not going to be there for at least a year ?
I hope to have it soon, I want to use it for a short film.

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Re: Sculptron 1.0 - Alpha 2 is out!

Postby cgmodeler » Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:23 pm

cgmodeler Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:23 pm
Is there a way to import several OBJ frames instead of one by one?
And UVW map seems to be lost on imported OBJs once re-exported
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Sculptron 1.0 - Alpha 2 is out!

Postby lorenz.erb » Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:24 am

lorenz.erb Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:24 am
unfortunately it crashes when executing.
what could the reason be?
would love to try it looks very promising.
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Re: Sculptron 1.0 - Alpha 2 is out!

Postby rs3d » Fri Oct 09, 2020 2:21 pm

rs3d Fri Oct 09, 2020 2:21 pm
When the next preview of Sculptron will be released?
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Re: Sculptron 1.0 - Alpha 2 is out!

Postby cjadams » Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:51 pm

cjadams Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:51 pm
That is pretty cool! - I have 2 questions..

1 - Will there be a mac version with "metal" support?
2 - Can you please oh please implement 3dConnexion space mouse navigation. Zbrush won't and still fighting with adobe for it..
It really is amazing!
Using the space mouse enterprise is great! its like holding the object in front of you..!!
Imagine full 6 axis movement while sculpting with a cintiq!

linograndiotoy wrote:Image

Dear all,

We are excited to bring you a new release of Sculptron!

As with all experimental builds, please do not use this for production purposes. We can't guarantee that scenes saved with this version will be compatible in future releases, and we anticipate there being several maintenance releases.

Link to the previous Sculptron Alpha Preview Release:


We've been collecting user's feedback about Sculptron, implementing feature requests and improving the UI experience!

What's new:


The UI has been deeply reworked in both design and functionality. Colors are more aligned to Octane Standalone, the timeline has been totally reorganized and we have esperimental brush icons (thanks Luca Giarrettino for providing them) that will be replaced soon by animated ones.

It's now also possible to navigate using the mouse only (or the pen) without using any keyboard key, simply dragging on an empty area of the screen.
We've introduced Interpolation Modes for Keyframes (Linear, Stepped, Curve). Interpolation can be changed using the Timeline menu (Right Mouse button anywhere on the Timeline) or the Buttons in the Timeline Window.

Sculpting/Playback speed.

Both sculpting and playback speed have been vastly improved, offering now a 1000% increment in performances (yes, about 10 times faster than it was in previous alpha).
Brush Tools feedback has also been corrected and tweaked, so to offer a more natural feel.


New Wireframe/Grid mode.

Wireframe can now be activated for the OpenGL preview and it offers several options, available in the Preferences window.
Grid also offers controllable options like Color and Opacity.

New ToonShading MatCap.

We've added a nice Toon Matcap to the already very extended list of available ones.


We're currently working on the Sculptron Item Animation system and Alembic Import/Export.

Shortcuts list:


    Alt+ Left Mouse button drag = Rotate View
    Alt+ Middle Mouse button drag = Pan View
    Alt+ Right Mouse button drag = Zoom View
    Alt+ Left Mouse button drag on a keyframe = duplicate keyframe
    CTRL = invert brush function when available
    SHIFT = Smooth Brush
    CTRL when using Grab = Constraint along normal
    f = Fit World
    SHIFT+f = Fit Selected

It's now also possible to navigate using the mouse only (or the pen) without using any keyboard key:

    Left Mouse/Pen button drag in an empty area = Rotate View
    Middle Mouse/Pen button drag in an empty area = Pan View
    Right Mouse/Pen button drag in an empty area = Zoom View


    Left Arrow Key = Previous Frame
    Next Arrow Key = Next Frame
    Shift+Left Arrow Key = Previous Keyframe
    Shift+Next Arrow Key = Next Keyframe
    Home = Go to First Frame
    End = Go to Last Frame
    CTRL+Left Mouse Button on the timeline = Create New key
    BackSpace = Restore Key/s
    Delete = Delete Key/s

Sculptron Features

    Sculpt-Animate any number of 3D meshes using several kind of brushes and procedural textures
    Import OBJs for Sculpt-Animation
    Import animated caches (MDD only for now, Alembic will follow) and sculpt-animate it
    Use multiple animated sculpting layers per Object
    Import Mesh as Frame
    Convert the mesh in a SDF/VDB volume with additional Procedural Noise
    Export any frame as OBJ
    Export animation as MDD cache (Alembic will be available soon) and OpenVDB

Sculptron Future Features Roadmap (not in this order!):

    Local Space Deformations
    Alembic Import Export with Camera support
    Available Brushes are going to be expanded in both number and functionalities
    Support for mesh sequence with different number of points/polygons (replacement animation)
    Multiple meshes merge for export as OpenVDB
    Wrinkle Tool
    Alpha Brushes
    Polygon Masking
    Interpolation Mode for Keyframes (Linear, Stepped, Bezier, Hermite)
    Presets for Procedural Textures
    Statistics (Number of Polygons)
    Topological Grab
    3D Perspective Reference
    Displacement Maps
    Dynamic Meshes Sculpting
    Item Transformations (Position/Rotation/Scale)
    Animated Deformers with Animated Falloffs
    Heat Maps
    Compress/Stress calculation
    Weight Map Painting
    Bone Deformation
    Graph Editor
    Orthogonal Views
    Volume Channels Painting
    Octane Render integration

Known Issues

    "Solo" option for Layer is not working yet
    Undo is limited to local keyframe sculpting editing right now
    Volumetric Noise shows a slice effect that is also exported in OpenVDB (SDF Noise works fine)
    Radius Pressure can freeze Sculptron on some systems (leave it uncheked)
    It's alpha software, expect some crashes!

Watch the Sculptron 1.0 Alpha Presentation Video:

Sculptron 1.0 Alpha Video

Download the free, limited time beta 1 version of Sculptron:

Sculptron 1.0 alpha 2 Download
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