OctaneBench® 2020.1 - 1x GT 710      1 result

Low OctaneBench Score

This card is not recommended for use with Octane, as it does not meet Octane's minimum performance requirements (20). #1
Maximum 6.14 Average 6.14
Minimum 6.14 Median 6.14

GPU Model No. GPUs Compute
OctaneRender Support
2020 v4 v3 v2
GT 710 1 3.5 2020.1.4 and lower

Kernel Score #2 Weight #3 Sub-total
Info Channels 6 10 % 0.59
Direct Lighting 6 40 % 2.51
Path Tracing 6 50 % 3.03
Total Score #2 6.13
Scene Kernel Ms/s #4 Score #2
Interior (by Julia Lynen) Info Channels 3.51 7
Interior (by Julia Lynen) Direct Lighting 1.25 7
Interior (by Julia Lynen) Path Tracing 0.53 6
Idea (by Julio Cayetaño) Info Channels 3.46 4
Idea (by Julio Cayetaño) Direct Lighting 1.21 6
Idea (by Julio Cayetaño) Path Tracing 1.08 6
ATV (by Jürgen Aleksejev) Info Channels 2.36 8
ATV (by Jürgen Aleksejev) Direct Lighting 0.98 6
ATV (by Jürgen Aleksejev) Path Tracing 0.83 6
Box (by Enrico Cerica) Info Channels 3.47 5
Box (by Enrico Cerica) Direct Lighting 0.81 6
Box (by Enrico Cerica) Path Tracing 0.81 6
These values are calculated from the averages of all submissions and may not be representative of actual performance.

1 result

#1 What score is recommended for Octane?
This depends on your scene complexity and time-frame, but we recommended a score no lower than for good render performance.

Please note that cards must have a score of or higher to meet Octane's minimal performance requirements. While cards below this level may still be compatible, Octane's performance will be significantly impacted.
#2 What does the score value mean?
The score is calculated from the measured speed (Ms/s or mega samples per second), relative to the speed we measured for a GTX 980. If the score is under 100, the GPU(s) is/are slower than the GTX 980 we used as reference, and if it's more the GPU(s) is/are faster.
#3 What does the weight value mean?
The weight determines how each kernel's score affects the final score, and kernels that have higher usage are weighted higher.
#4 What is Ms/s?
Ms/s is mega-samples per second, this value is the average of all the results uploaded to OctaneRender for this/these GPU(s).