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I just ran OctaneBench, why are my results not being displayed?
Your results may take 5-10 minutes to appear on the OctaneBench page
What do the scores actually mean?
The score is calculated from the measured speed (Ms/s or mega samples per second), relative to the speed we measured for a GTX 980. The ratio is weighted by the approximate usage of the various kernels and then added up. If your score is under 100, your GPU is slower than the GTX 980 we used as reference, and if it's more your GPU is faster.
How are multi-GPU cards displayed?
As OctaneRender uses each GPU separately, OctaneBench counts each GPU used, not the number of video cards. Therefore, testing both GPU's of one TITAN Z video card will show up as '2x TITAN Z' in the results. Hovering over a result will display an estimate of the cards used.


0 399 799 1198 1597 1996

*  Multi-GPU video cards used.