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What I see in the work window is not the same as what result

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:47 am
by enkilab
Hi guys. I greet you and consult if anyone can help me with this issue that I do not know how to solve. It turns out that working with octane render and I do not know if this is the problem, you can notice that in the work window, on the right side there is a street with a strip of land on the side and then comes a polygon that simulates dirt soil ( but it is separated from the street by a good stretch of real land, from the video). Well, if you notice in the render window, the dirt floor (polygon), appears right next to the street, without the separation of earth that you see in the work window. Why is this disface produced, is it possible to configure it? It is very strange and quite annoying, because I can not see the real result in the workspace. I hope you can help me ...

I have had problems uploading the attached image. Hopefully this time it turns out.