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Please help! Octane and Rhino. Materials not rendering.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:27 pm
by sophie_3d_artist
Hi, I am using Rhino 6 and Octane 4 but I am unable to see the material rendering correctly using the viewport. I have a car paint and a plastic matte which should be grey and black but all I am getting is the grey material although in the scene I can see that the black is applied to the object. I will upload images to try show what I mean:

Below Octane render has just one material yet the object has 2 assigned
octane render.jpg
Octane render with just the grey material

What I am trying to achieve is what I set up in Rhino and V-Ray shown here:
V-Ray render

Not sure what I am missing or why the materials are not rendering or working as expected? Any help would be appreciated greatly! Thanks.