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Motherboard compatibility - Advice

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:09 am
by Zbrushor
Hi everyone!

I wanted some inputs regarding Motherboard-Video Card compatibility. I couldn't find proper section on this forum for users who don't have license yet. I'm considering buying one.

I have Asus motherboard P8H77V LE with i7-3770k 3.50GHz, 32gb ram, GTX 680, power supply Thermaltake Smart 630W (80 Plus) model SP-630AH2NH. I wanted to have second graphic card which is GTX980 ti but I don't know if it will run with current specs. What do you think?

Also I was wondering if both cards have to be from the same manufacturer? GTX 680 is from Gigabyte but I was aiming for EVGA for GTX 980 ti. Both cards according to OctaneBench would give me total of 178 points.

Thank you for your understanding.