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Newcomer question(s) - not even a 'user' yet!

Postby blinkimage » Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:17 pm

blinkimage Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:17 pm

We are experimenting/developing/researching/messing-around-with VR experiences, primarily for use in high end architectural visualisation. We've used several software applications and have varying levels of skill with each.

More recently, we have been creating stereoscopic images and outputting them for DK2, Cardboard and GearVR. Out of the three, the GearVR seems about the best at them moment, and this is where we are focusing efforts. The device we are using is the Samsung S6.

Mono-panoramic tours are quite straightforward, and work quite well in a HTML5 guise. Stereo, when working, look amazing, but we have struggled with eye-comfort etc until we discovered ORBX and managed to shoehorn a test render onto my S6. This was rendered as a stereoscopic 6x1 cubic render using VRay.

The next hurdle for us to cross is hotspot-linked stereo panoramic tours. In following an EPIC thread on this forum, I have managed to get hold of a demo scene (inside a French-style building) which looks beautiful. I am confident that we will be able to adjust the code to work with some of our own renders, so we are crossing fingers and toes for that.

I am continuing my research, but the next thing is to work out how to create a standalone app that will just exist on the S6 desktop that can be launched by a one of my clients and viewed easily (rather than handing over GVR devices once primed by myself). This is an essential step in order for us to create a market for this type of product. It seems (from the same EPIC thread!) that it may be a matter of having a license of Octane 3 in order to create this sort of thing - am I right in this? We have been using 3Ds Max and VRay for more years than I dare count, so switching to another system is quite daunting.

I'd be interested to read other people's thoughts on finding a market for stereo tours. GearVR is a lovely device and works very well, but the whole user experience of operating a GearVR for the first time (through the Oculus home menu and navigating to the OTOY app etc etc) is just a bit clunky for a newcomer/client.
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