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TITAN X 12GB SLI or 980ti 6GB SLI

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:15 pm
by JedBowden
Please guys help me, :D :D :D

anyone with experience or know what the better option is out of TITAN X 12gb SLI vs 980ti 6GB SLI... I have the money for the more costly GPU but is it worth it or are they the same when it comes to rendering in octane? I'm spending about 6.5k on this computer and wont want to update it for awhile which is why I've gone for the 12GB ( only one availiable at my local shop )
I'm not sure where to find test videos or ratings/comparisons of the two different cards so any input would be great also wandering what the power consumption is like I'm looking at buying a 1000 Watt Coolermaster V1000 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply to power the TITAN SLI will this be enough? the man at the PC store said it will be fine.

apart from power consumption and the actual performance of the cards and comparing them would anyone be able to tell me if there's much of an increase on their electricity bill? I'm living at parents at the moment and don't want to build them up a huge energy bill I'm running a GTX 670 at the moment and my computer is on pretty much 24/7 but will learn to turn it off when I upgrade my system.

thanks for anyone time for reading this reply or not :) :)

( I'm days out from spending money on this machine just so it can run octane very well I'm not wanting to update this machine again for a long time )
any recommendations welcomed I'm not used to GPU based renders but they seem the way to go so no harm done correcting me or telling me this is a horrible build.


CPU Intel S2011-3 Core i7 5930K 3.5GHz 6x Core CPU (No Heatsink included)
Motherboard Gigabyte S2011-3 ATX GA-X99-SLI Motherboard
Desktop Memory 32GB DDR4 G.Skill F4-2666C15Q-32GRR (4x8G) 2666Mhz Ripjaws 4 RED RAM
SSD Drive 256GB Samsung 2.5" 850 PRO Series SATA 6Gb/s SSD Drive PN MZ-7KE256BW
Hard Drives (3.5") 2TB WD 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s Caviar Red HDD PN WD20EFRX
Video Card 2 x Gigabyte GTX Titan X 12GB PCIe Video Card PN GV-NTITANXD5-12GD-B
Monitor No Monitor Selected
Case Corsair ATX Carbide Series Black Air 540 CC-9011030-WW Cube Case (No PSU)
Power Supply 1000 Watt Coolermaster V1000 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply PN RSA00-AFBAG1-AU
Keyboard * No Keyboard
Mice * No Mouse
Optical Drive * No Optical Drive
Sound Card Integrated Sound Card
Speaker * No Speakers
Network Adapter Integrated Network Connection
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit OEM
Office Software * No Microsoft Office Software
Cooling Corsair Hydro H60 SE High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Re: TITAN X 12GB SLI or 980ti 6GB SLI

PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:13 am
by Rikk The Gaijin
Titan X