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Octane vs Vray oppinions

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:18 am
by JedBowden
Hey Guys,

I don't have Octane yet but it looks very convincing I just wanted to ask about anyone opinion on Octane who used to be a Vray user. I'm in Cinema 4D and am venturing into the motion graphic world but before I do I want to pick the right render engine for my type of work. If anyone is familiar with ManVsMachine agency or other companies that do adverts for FOX sport and that type of motion graphics that's what I'm wanting to do. my Main problem at the moment with Vray is the render times it litterally takes me all day to just check if I like the lighting/materials of my scene and then I end up changing them, or I render it and a colour is one shade too high or one shade too low and it's just so frustrating I spend half my time trying to get the correct light values than I do animating. I'd love to hear any convincing news to convert me over to Octane cause everything about it from what I've seen so far would be so much better for me. I feel like Vray is more for architecture or still frame shots. I want a render engine with fast results but also great qaulity like Vray. I'm willing to spend around 5-6 thousand on a computer with the right specs to get the best use out of octane I'm also wanting to convert because of the lack of tutorials and community with c4d Vray I feel like their forums aren't so busy.

if anyone is unsure of what work I'm wanting to produce using octane let me know and I'll post some links to some motion graphic pieces. I've been in c4d for over 3 years now and want to make sure I'm choosing the right render engine before I drop money on a machine dedicated to render engine (GPU/CPU) I'm familiar with basic modeling/animation but lighting and texturing always gets me I just feel with faster results I could spend less time changing values of materials and lights and more time adding details to models and making great animations.

Re: Octane vs Vray oppinions

PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 5:55 am
by ristoraven
Try the demo..

When I started with Octane, I felt for the first time how this whole CGI should be. Like I am there in the scene with a real camera just figuring out the camera angles and light setup, like in an actual set, as a director.

Otoy also provides you tools, that no other is even remotely close - Virtual Reality. 2D will disappear in close future. I for one, wanna be on this bus that will set the rules and standards in highest quality and will keep on doing that always two steps ahead of others.

Hows that for a pitch?