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My working 3D stereo workflow without Gear/Oculus

Postby momade » Thu May 21, 2015 3:37 pm

momade Thu May 21, 2015 3:37 pm
Hello everyone!

I wanted to share my 3D stereo workflow with all of you, that do not own any GearVR or Oculus headset but still want to get a spatial preview with their Android mobile together with a low end equipment similar to google cardboard.
The workflow described here is primarily ment for previewing spatial qualities of your scenes, as the files rendered here are spherical maps and not in cube-map format as needed for the competition.

I use a cardboard and an Android mobile phone with a 1080p screen. All in all a good enough combination of equipment for decent previewing.

Apps needed:
I found a really well working app named "VR Gellery 3D" (costs a few bugs) where you can load your left eye and right eye pano and view in 3D.
Downside: Only spherical maps are supported (with a max resolution of 6000x3000px per eye spherical pano!!!!!) So you might come close to GearVR/Oculus resolution, but never close to the experience with a real headmounted and well tracked device that does not have a screen full of keyscratches ;). But as I said: this workflow is ment for spatial checkups before submission.

Preview workflow:
Build your scene. Shade it. Light it.
Put your panoramic camera in place and set FOV to Fovx: 360 / Fovx 180.
Set your render output to any aspect of 2x1 (max 6000x3000px) and spp to preview quality. ( can still be quite noisy (120 spp), saptial effect is not affected).
Render left eye.
Render rigth eye.

Move the two images to your phone (i.e. dropbox as "VR Gellery 3D" supports dropbox)

Open "VR Gellery 3D" Android app.
Tab on an empty container.
Tab on left eye: load left eye pano.
Tab on right eye: load reight eye pano.
Put phone in cardboard and check it out!

Just for fun I rendered 6000x3000px 3000spp images over night to see how far the app could go. The viewing experience was pretty nice but tracking of the handheld cardboard and above mentioned key-scratches on my phones screen plus foggy lenses after a few minutes where the downsides here.

I hope this will help you for a better feel of you scene!

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Re: My working 3D stereo workflow without Gear/Oculus

Postby dotcommer » Tue May 26, 2015 1:27 pm

dotcommer Tue May 26, 2015 1:27 pm
Nice! I had been wondering if there was a technique with the cardboard headset to view stereo. Thanks for posting your workflow!
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