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Unstable large-ish scene

PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 4:48 pm
by sunsneezer
Windows 10 version 1909 (OS Build 18363.959)
2x RTX 2080TI
128 GB Ram
Nvidia Studio Driver v451.48
OCtane Standalone + PLugin version 2020.1.4
Cinema 4D S22.118(RC)

Loading the scene and sending it to Live Viewer will sometimes hang Cinema 4D.
Sending the scene to Picture Viewer will sometimes do the same but also sometimes outputs a black frame or do a real crash with bugreport (the one attached happened in this context).

Here is the scene (1.4 gB zip) ... sp=sharing

I'm pretty proud of the optimisation job I did there. BC1 compression all around, Render Instances whenever possible... It all fits neatly in Vram with plenty of leftover!
There is what I think is a reasonable amount of materials, but the meshes are coming from all sorts of dank places, so maybe there is an issue in some data there but I couldn't find any clue to that in the logs.

I'm attaching some logs as well, with some info in the filenames to identify what happened in each.



Deleting the Null that contains the mountains removes the crashes in the LV so far! There is a lot going on in there:
Two Scatter Objects looking at a Vertex map generated by a terrain shader in a shader field, with a random effector on them.
Multiple render instances of a very high poly mountain geo
A material with triplanar mapping on those, to get that easy rocky slope - grassy flats look.

The black PV output could be the Sky objects not loading the HDR file for some reason. Still no idea why it's different from the LV...

[EDIT 2]
Further pinpointed the issue to the scatter objects on the mountains