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Octane crash with particles

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 4:58 am
by ajuk3d
Octane crashes when working with particles and can't be restarted unless C4D is restarted.

The live viewer while rendering suddenly displays, "Render Failure!!! Check Console window and Octane log window."
The octane log states illegal memory access.

I'm attaching a google drive link to a .zip of the logs (octane logs and c4d console), c4d file, the Houdini file that I exported the particles from, and the alembic file containing all the particle data. ... sp=sharing

Essentially, there are many particles with color data that have been imported as a polygon object (alembic import). Then an Octane Scatter is trying to scatter a tiny primitive cylinder across all the points. The octane live viewer crashed when I scaled down the cylinder from its default size although that might not be the real cause? Then I tried to get all the points/cylinders to be emissive by piping the Instance Color data/tag from the alembic data into the emission channel in a material. That's the scene setup.

Ultimately I want to get each particle to trail so I have lots of lovely smooth lines, creating a rainbow stream. But Octane won't stop crashing!

A. Windows 10 Pro
B. GTX 1080
D. Nvidia Studio Driver - 451.48
E. N/A
F. OctaneRender plugin version 2020.1-R5
G. Cinema 4D R21.207 (RC) Education

My CPU is the AMD 3990x if that makes a difference.