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Re: OctaneRenderâ„¢ 2019.1.1 [current 2019.1.x] - 9 bugs

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:33 am
by coilbook
Since September we reported 9 bugs (See top 9 viewforum.php?f=81)
So instead of working we are still troubleshooting.

Can otoy create a very complex scene with displacements, complex meshes, itoo scatters including animated, skin animation, phoenix fire, liquids, animations of all kinds of particles, motion blur of all kinds including particles, DOF, changing textures of all types. Basically all in one scene and then test their new releases with it so we won't have to find so many bugs.
The problem is you test on simple scenes but try animating, resaving, merging, reanimating and you will get a complex scene that is 4gb in size with 100s of textures and it can give you a lot of problems.

Thank you