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Octane Render Caustic is So slow.And no multipliers settings

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:42 am
by candemirdesign
I tried lots of render engines.
Maxwell etc.
Octane render too.

in my tries , I found is most detailed adjustments and fast and high quality caustic are in Vray.
I spent 480 minutes(8 hour) to take a enough quality render with octane.
Vray takes in just 3 minutes.
Extreme differences.

My machine : 4x gtx 970 .─░ntel xeon 5650 4ghz 6core 12 HT Virtural core.
Octane render version 2019.1 rc3 8.04

Scene Details:
3000 pixel x 3000 pixel resolution image
PMC kernel
Diffuse Depth 30
Specular Depth 30
Direct light imp. 0
Octane sun lighting(sigle light source)
with a high poly perfume bottle model is laying on a plane surface.(single model)

Actually very simple scene
I noticed octane render has some weak sides must improve for close to be an real art tool.

1-Octane has no caustic photon multiplier setting for each light. if its hard to program it a global multiplier can be helpful in a quick way.We must find a way to multiplier caustic.
2-Octane has no caustic light photon power multiplier setting.This setting make the renders so beautiful and breath taking in some scenes.
3-Octane no AI Light based accelerated caustic calculation on path-tracing.This is a giant and step forward technologie.

Octane render needs these features "caustic photon multiplier" and "caustic light power multiplier" at first.Example This is urgent for me.
AI based caustic calculation on path-tracing maybe need a deep program re-writing.It can be solve it later.
But path trace must be much faster than Pmc is optimized correctly.

Vray is not a right comparation for octane I know.Octane is more realistic than vray.Means takes more time.
But at the end : I need to say taking a very very good caustic result in just 30 seconds(900x900pixels)in Vray.
Really So impressive and it gave me a shock and disappointment me as a octane fanatic.

For forum users may want to help me or want to test the scene.I upload the file 3dmax 2014 saved.If you know a way to make it faster please
Link: ... 0.max?dl=0


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Veysel Can Demir

Re: Octane Render Caustic is So slow.And no multipliers settings

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:54 pm
by paride4331
Hi candemirdesign,
Octane render is an unbiased render, it need important rules for working correctly.
your scene is completely out of scale with no unit of measurement, you are using unreal hidden lights and using the physical sun at 500 power, you are also using the wrong materials (if you want to get caustics mixing specular and diffuse material is not the right way).
This screenshot is a PT 7 min GTX1070 render.