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Black screens with a RTX 3090 on PC

Postby jbecaud » Sun Jan 29, 2023 1:52 pm

jbecaud Sun Jan 29, 2023 1:52 pm
Hi all, for the past few days, I have encountered a technical problem with Octane Render on c4d which has become systematic on my PC tower purchased about 1 year ago with a 3090 card: it remains the same scenario each time: I launch a render then crash at the end a few minutes, generally after about twenty calculated images: the screen suddenly turns off and the graphics card no longer makes any noise, on the other hand the PC still seems to be running, but the screen cannot be turned on again, as if it was on standby when it is not.

Yesterday for example: I had started a podcast at the same time as rendering and I could see that the audio continued to play long after the screen had turned off.
The tower also continues to rotate: LEDs on and fan running. On the other hand, after restarting the PC, I check the calculated images folder and I can see that the time of recording of the last image corresponds to the time when the screen turned off.

I launched the rendering of a scene of 450 frames very light and very simple and I had at the beginning 5 crashes for 120 rendered images! Right after I launched the remaining 330 rendered images on a laptop with a 3070 card and no crashes.

According to these tests, everything leads me to believe that it comes from a crash of the graphics card.

My questions :
- Has anyone had similar issues?
- Is there an application that would allow me to test the card other than with Octane? It would allow me to see if it's a crash related to Octane or something else
- What do you recommend that I do ?

My PC config: Omen 30L Desktop with i9 3.5 Ghz and RTX 3090 with Nvidia Studio 528.24 driver.
Cinema 4D R18 with Octane Render 2020.2.5
OS: Windows 11 updated recently

I send a selection of the errors recorded at the time of the crashes, there are 2 which clearly seem to concern the graphics card:

11:20:01 Source: Display The nvlddmkm display driver became unresponsive.

11:20:06 Source: Dwminit Window Manager process exited. (Process exit code: 0x8898008d, reboot count: 1, primary display device ID: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090) Thanks in advance for your advice,

Thanks for your advices
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