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Professional Help needed for an object 360 lua script

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:34 am
by jitendra
Hello Otoy LUA experts,

I am looking for your professional help in creating a LUA script which can rotate the object in 360 degree, right within Octane Standalone.

Such script is expected to have a UI, which can help select relevant parameters for 360 degree rotation (for example... Degrees, Start Angle, Duration, Frame-rate, Frames, Samples/sec etc.). An existing example of a really good script with UI is here:

Note: I think such functionalities can exactly be like "Octane's native Turntable Animation", however its not about camera rotation, but the object rotation.

Let me know if someone is interested, I am more then happy to pay for the work (PayPal).

Interested people can pm me or post in this thread.

Thank you.