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Animated Scatter Node

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:04 am
by seltzdesign
Hello everyone!

So I have been using Octane Standalone for a while now and just updated to 3.0 :)

Now I have finally come to the point, where I need some LUA scripted node. I have some experience with scripting languages, but have never really used LUA in conjunction with Octane.

Maybe someone can help me or at least give me some pointers in the right direction:

I have made a script in Grasshopper for Rhino, which spits out scatter information for an animation. Each scatter data is saved as a .txt (or .csv) file in the format "frame_00000.txt", "frame_00001.txt", etc.
In Octane Standalone 3.0 I load an alembic file with a camera and some other animation. I can batch render this animation with the animated camera (this part already works obviously).
I would like a scatter node, which doesn't just have a geometry input, but also a file input. I select for example the first file "frame_00000.txt". It then checks the current frame, checks if there is a file with the same filename - say I am at frame 30 it will look for "frame_00030.txt" in the same folder and loads it into the scatter node. If the current frame is larger than there are files, it keeps the last one. Say the alembic has 1000 frames, but the scatter data only goes to "frame_00800.txt" it uses the last one. Similar thing in the beginning - if its at frame 0, but files start at "frame_00030.txt" it should load nothing into the scatter node.

So finally if I render using Batch rendering it should load the correct scatter data for each frame.

If someone could kindly show me at least the starting point that would be great and a great real-world starting point for learning LUA in Octane.

Thanks so much. Best, Armin.

Re: Animated Scatter Node

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:54 am
by seltzdesign
In fact, I think Octane should just have a button to animate the scatter node, just like you do a texture animation: