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Update object transformation only when rendering animation

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:03 pm
by akira
It seems to me that when running "Render Imported Animation" in standalone, octane recompiles everything (transformation, geometry data).
This takes a lot of time between frames when you have some high poly meshes in the scene like trees, cars etc.
In Octane for max plug-in there are some settings that are not showed in standalone editor:
1. "Movable proxy" flag under octane properties per object: It determines whether an object is static or animated.
2. "Update animated geometry" check under the render settings group of Kernel tab: It determines whether the geometry of a movable proxy should be recompiled or not

So if both 1 and 2 are checked, the plug-in recompiles the geometry of every movable proxy object.
If only "Movable proxy" is checked, the plug-in updates the transformation of movable proxy objects without recompiles their geometry data.

It will save a lot of down time between frames if we can have a similar option in the "Render Imported Animation" script.