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Animation rendering script

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:09 pm
by aLeXXtoR
Hi, guys. I would like to show you my version of animation rendering script. Currently it's in a kind of pre-alpha stage (but it works =)) — I started working on it about 12 hours ago... and I need some help here. :)

About this script in short (it is compatible with Octane Render Standalone 2.10, using it with more recent versions currently will cause errors)
I was inspired by the standard imported animation render tool, but it saves images only to PNG files. So, I decided to improve it a bit to fit my requirements. Here's its dialogue:

To use this script it isn't really necessary for render target to be selected when you call this script — it always uses current render target (if it's available). Most of the parameters are used directly from the scene (I hate input the samples/px everytime — I prefer to set it up with nodes once). So here you set the animation timespan, output file format (my precious!) and here are two (!) fields for the output file: folder and file base name.

I did it so because I am going to implement the ability to output render passes in separate files... but I can't figure out how to get them and save to files... at the moment. So if someone please would help me with this, I'll be very grateful.

And a couple of words about two buttons (that are different than standard ones): I separated "Render" and "Cancel" and decided not to do "Exit" to minimize the risk of accidental 2nd click (you might accidently press the "Render" button twice at 3 a.m. and then 8-10 hours later find out that there was no render =)).

Something like this. Please feel free to share your ideas and offer me any kind of improvement features. :)

P. S.: I also want to address my special thanks to the author of OSA Batch Render — I used some of his ideas, function names and "copyright" description. :) Man, I would never learn Lua and Octane API in one day without your script! Thanks! :)