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OctaneRender™ for Carrara plugin released

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:34 am
by win
25 August 2014

Great News for Cararra users!.
The OctaneRender™ for Carrara plugin is now available. This plugin fully integrates the OctaneRender™ engine into the modelling environment of Cararra.
It is the 16th plugin available which integrates the OctaneRender™ plugin into a third party product, drastically improving workflow.

The OctaneRender™ team extends a big thank you to Cararra plugin developer Sighman, and the talented team involved in the closed beta testing.

Please click here to go to the OctaneRender™ for Cararra plugin purchase page.

The online manual is available here and will be updated from time to time.

Installation Instructions
Please follow the instruction in the online manual.

Carrara Version Requirements
This version requires Carrara 8/8.5.
This version runs on 64 or 32 bit Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.
The .NET 4.5 Framework is required.

Issue Resolution
Please report any issues to the Carrara plugin subforum, and include the following information;
- Operating System (ie. Win 7, 8, 8.1)
- 32 or 64 bit
- Amount of RAM
- Graphics Card(s) - model (ie. GTX 580, 3GB)
- Nvidia driver version
- Carrara version
- OctaneRender for Carrara version (ie. 2.06.0047)
- List what other plugins you have installed for Carrara
- The most important part of resolving a problem is our being able to re-produce the problem. So please provide as much detail as possible in order for us to do this, and if the problem is specific to the scene, please send us the scene.

Known Issues
One of the beta tester's reported that Carrara may crash during an animation when using the Oscillation Tweener. Please notify through the Carrara subforum if this issue is reproducable in a repeatable way.

Download Links:
OctaneRender for Carrara (64-bit) 2.06.0047
OctaneRender for Carrara (32-bit) 2.06.0047

Happy rendering!

Re: OctaneRender™ for Carrara plugin released

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:14 pm
by orion_uk
Many congratulations on the public release of your Octane Render plugin for Carrara Sighman :)

The news that MANY have been waiting for...

Its been an amazing time helping Sighman in closed testing with some really fantastic (& highly talented) people and I am proud to have been involved from the start. I must say that Simon worked very quick on getting a stable version out that is feature rich and testing it has been amazing. It was an extreme honor to work with some great names that many of you know such as Tugpsx, 3Dage, PhilW, DustRider and of course the developer himself, Sighman. I am pretty confident that you are going to see some AWESOME images & animations hitting your screens real soon and I cant put in to words how much this amazing plugin will change the work flow for Carrara users all over the world.

A BiG thank you to Otoy & Sighman for having me on the team, Sighman has done such a fantastic job of this plugin that you can literally get stuck in right away. With such seamless integration Carrara users new and old will find their work flow enhanced and enriched beyond expectation.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out...

Put your hand in your pocket and get some OCTANE ;)

Re: OctaneRender™ for Carrara plugin released

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:20 am
by zx13275744718
Please update DAZ Studio! More than half a year didn't update it!

Re: OctaneRender™ for Carrara plugin released

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:57 pm
by Sighman