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Re: MAJOR NEWS: OTOY® Inc. acquires Refractive Software® LTD

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:00 am
by kurtjn
I purchased your software mainly because I saw that you have developed a Blender plugin and that the stand alone was decent enough of a price although I started learning more that you don't actually have the plugin available due to licencing issues. It seems like you might have to release a plugin under a gpl but of course would be dependant on the standalone. If word gets out that a plugin is free at the Blender community then I'm sure you will sell more Octane standalones.. It's kind of frustrating to accept that you're selling plugins separate when most programs simply just offer support to other programs within it such as Adobe CS6 supporting DTS-Master Audio.. (no one pays extra for the DTS plugin, it makes the main program more of a desirable product rather than seeing component for other ones -everything having a fee!) I fought for the DTS integration for a couple years.

I second that, If you keep supporting Blender, I will keep supporting you.