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Architectural interior: bright room

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:26 pm
by ubicz
Hello everyone :)

I just started wit Octane and I'm working on the first interior. I decided to copy the interior from Archdaily (cause they provide nice pictures and plans at the same time). As you can see, my interior differs from original - the plans were not correct and the room is too small ^^ Whatever.

I am curious, what can someone more experienced say about this work.

This, obviously, is not a finished image. i decided to check out the lights and cameras and then proceed with creating more detailed elements. For this moment, I am generally satisfied with most of the materials and general "feel" of the scene. In my opinion (and I looked on this picture for too long time now) there are two big problems - roof and the bed. I can probably work the bed myself. I am worried about roof material. I cannot really get those reflections, tried mixing different specular maps with Falloff as amount, but it doesn't seem to work. I never get those regular blinks especially in shady areas of the picture. Also my displacement doesn't work correctly (looks like it has no effect - used huge noise to make it look less like a perfectly flat thing). Any help/suggestion would be helpful really :(

I am adding the original photograph from Archdaily as a reference. Hope it doesn't brake any rules :)

Thanks in advance for any comments.

PS I used c4d with octane plugin

My rendering

Original photo from Archdaily

Roof material

My rendering