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Re: Plugin for Archicad on mac?

Postby FredH12 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:27 pm

FredH12 Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:27 pm
rappet wrote:There is a way to have Windows apllication work on your Mac, right?

Absolutely it is possible but having to buy a Windows license is not the best idea

rappet wrote:If so, you do not have to wait for a pluging written for the Mac, but I would just start with Octane in this Windows environment.
Is that possible?

The plugin for Mac seems to be falling behind. Starting with Windows environment is possible but it does not deals with the best way to work because of because of two reasons :
#1 - the basic principle of the Octane plugin for Archicad is the workflow: if it is necessary to restart its computer station in Windows -> then the workflow is totally interrupted. So it is even better to work on the Octane Standalone version (available on Mac)

#2 - the management of graphic resources by Windows is worse than by OSX -> so we can see that the same 3D model will be better handled by OSX 10.13 than by Windows 8

With just One 1080Ti we can count 6.68% difference in favor of Macintosh
Could it be true on Windows 10 ?
Could it be true with my Two 1080Ti = 13,56 % ?

rappet wrote:About 'virtual machines' might be a nice solution, no?

Lastly, because of # 01 & # 02 above: working through a virtual machine will deteriorate the workflow and speed of processing Octane's mission
So that does not seem like a good solution
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