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Re: NVIDIA 418.81 breaks Octane (FIXED 419.17 / 4.02/2018.1 RC2)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:05 am
I'm not an expert. The picture doesn't show much. I can only see that the black cables go into the two small power connectors on the port side, right? If you don't have any additional cables e.g. that bundle the power from the two optical connectors, the card gets too little power. As I said 1x PCIE slot is 75w + 2x75w backboard cable equals 225w.

I use unflashed GTX cards and when an update comes I put the original apple card in it. I was too fiddly with the cable hacks, so I stayed with 2 GTX 1070.
So you could only try to use a 1070ti or 1070 and check if it's the reason. The power supply can bring performance in any case...

1080ti problem: ... -and-titan

Take a look here: ... o.2125695/

Re: NVIDIA 418.81 breaks Octane (FIXED 419.17 / 4.02/2018.1 RC2)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:18 pm
by scyldb
I'm using a iMac Pro. I have a sonnet 650 breakaway box with a gtx 1080 ti with the egpu fix from which installed the Nvidia driver 418.105.
it works fine with redshift and cycles 4d demos, but I got the black live viewer window error problem in the octane demo as described above.

I installed the 410.130 NVIDIA driver as instructed, and now I get the live viewer update with the octane watermark, with no errors, but it is directly over the scene, not in the live viewer demo window (which is still black) . is there something I'm doing wrong? how do I get the live viewer window to be active?

apologies if this is a simple fix... my first time jumping into octane. I'm trying to figure out which gpu renderer to use with c4d.

can anyone help me out?

Re: NVIDIA 418.81 breaks Octane (FIXED 419.17 / 4.02/2018.1 RC2)

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 5:57 pm
by edwstoa
Okay, so after spending ANOTHER Sunday fixing my computer instead of working or playing with my kids, I'm fairly upset with Otoy. When are you going to update this post, or at least take it down? According to your tech support people we can now use the most up-to-date drive with the most up-to-date versions of Octane Blender. Of course, following his instructions bricked my whole rig for a good three hours, and so now today I've also gotten to spend the entire day dealing with this crap. I also have my first big deadline tomorrow, on my first big project after three years of learning and getting a business going. I'm less than 24 hours from the entire business going down the toilet. Thanks, Otoy!

If you're new to Octane for Blender, GET OUT NOW!!! It's not worth the headaches. Fixing my computer to work with Octane for Blender has been for the last three months almost a full-time job. VRAY can't possibly be this much of a disaster. Cycles is better--lower quality-sure, but it's never bricked my rig for three hours.

I've been through both manuals several times now, but I'm so livid right now I can't recall all the ins and outs of the import process for Octane standalone. Is there a utility I can use in regular Blender to output to orbx? That's basically all I use Octane for Blender for anyway--because it's terrible for texture baking in situ--on those occasions it feels like being stable and functional software.