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Tranquil Furniture Showcase

Postby nejck » Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:28 pm

nejck Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:28 pm
Hello dear Octaners,

Got a bit of a project to share again :) This one is pretty much all about showcasing a furniture set whilst conveying a sense of emotion. The idea is to combine a common marketing goal of reaching people but then also "imprinting" a sense of emotion in them so that we can create something inspiring that'll stand out.

There is also a certain storytelling aspect to the presentation of this entire project on my website. You can read more about it if you follow the link below.

The animation was rendered with the help of RNDR. About half of it got rendered using the service while the other half was rendered locally. I've gotta say that using RNDR was quite a pleasant experience so far. Kudos team!

Your CC is most appreciated! :)

Oh and if you are interested in a bit of a behind the scenes along with learning a bit more about the presentation of the project then just follow this link:
Youtube link to the animation:

[ Play Quicktime file ] The Side View - Full Animation (Otoy).mp4 [ 31.48 MiB | Viewed 315 times ]

Camera A - Otoy.jpg
Camera B - Otoy.jpg
Camera C - Otoy.jpg
Camera D - Otoy.jpg
Camera E - Otoy.jpg
Camera F - Otoy.jpg
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