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OctaneRender 4 for Poser (Windows/OSX) [obsolete]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:18 am
by face_off
This is the recommended thread for downloading, and posting any questions, suggestions or support queries for OctaneRender for Poser TEST and STABLE releases.

Pls read prior to posting support issues.

Poser Version
Windows: Poser9/PoserPro2012, Poser10/PoserPro2014 and Poser 11/11 Pro, on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
OSX : PoserPro2012, PoserPro2014 and Poser 11/11 Pro 64bit, on MAC OS X 10.9.4 onwards.

Nvidia Driver Version
Windows : Nvidia drivers 392.x or later
OSX : CUDA Driver Version: 9.1 or later

Network Rendering
For Network Rendering, you must use the Octane slave release from the Octane Standalone installer which matches the exact Octane version of the plugin you are using.

If you have a support issue, pls provide the following information:
- OctaneRender for Plugin version (ie.
- Poser version (Poser -> Help -> About Poser) - list the build number (eg.
- Operating System (ie. Win XP, Vista, 7, 8)
- Amount of RAM
- Graphics Card(s) - model (ie. GTX 580, 3GB)
- Nvidia driver version

Also have ready a copy of
- octaneplugin.log and cuda.log file from your Poser temp direction (Poser -> Edit -> General Preferences -> Misc tab to find the temp directory), and
- config.xml, which is in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Poser Pro\9 for Poser 9/2012 and C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Poser Pro\10 for Poser10/2014.

If you have questions....
- Read the latest up-to-date on-line manual
- Read Wim's Poser Plugin User Guide
- Watch the Features Video
- Read the Features Blog Posting
- Watch the Introductory Tutorial
- Watch the Instancing Video
- Watch the HDR Light Studio Video
- Post your question on this forum thread

Download Links

Latest TEST build (Octane 4.00 RC7)
- Windows Regular OctaneRender for Poser

Release Notes (03-Nov-2018)
- Compiled with Octane 4.00 RC7
- Removed the Reset Cuda Devices button
- Added Denoiser options in the Imager settings
- Added Denoised Beauty pass to the Select Render Pass combobox on the Viewport toolbar
- Added Kernel AI Light options
- Added RenderPasses Denoiser passes


Re: OctaneRender 4 for Poser (Windows/OSX) [TEST]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:24 am
by wimvdb
Thanks Paul!

I will update my manual in the next few weeks for version 4.
Everything seems to work fine, so far.

Re: OctaneRender 4 for Poser (Windows/OSX) [TEST]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:27 pm
by Erick
Amazing, much appreciated! :D
Thank you so much.