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Re: Support for import obj sequence ?

Postby spartan00j » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:12 pm

spartan00j Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:12 pm
spartan00j wrote:
Andygraph3D wrote:Is it possible add this feature in poser plugin ?
just i want import obj sequence from realflow ;-)

Yo! I know this is a old topic but I found a solution. I exported a liquid simulation out of Houdini as a Alembic (ABC) format. Import the ABC sequence into octane and use the same method to import VDB but use ABC file instead.

Here's a better method update: Export animation out Octane Plugin.
There will be an Octane Stand-Alone (ORBX) format and an Alembic (ABC) format.
Import the Alembic (ABC) format (with contains animated Geometry) into RealFlow. NOTE: Make sure you have an Updated Verison. The earlier versions Had a framerate issue with Octane Alembic (ABC) format.
Make Simulation and export the simulated water/particles as an Alembic (ABC) format. NOTE: Just export the Simulation not the poser plugin exported file.
Open the Octane Stand-Alone (ORBX) format (you export out the plugin) in Octane.
Now import the Alembic (ABC) format file that came from RealFlow.
Combine the Alembic (ABC) file from poser with the Alembic (ABC) file out of RealFlow with a geometry group Node and plug that node into the Render-Target.
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