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PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:24 am
by vipvip
I was very happy because the particles instancer of lightwave was workink with Octane.But there is a big problem:

when duplicating the instance geometry ( see attahced pict) with the particle FX linker, and after expoting the scene to Octane, Each cube has A NEW MATERIAL in octane ( ex: 500 cube -> 500 materials ): so that is quite impossible to change the material of cube, specially when working with animation...

Holocube, could you resolve this problem please ? ( and the "escape" fonction too -> look at previous post )
Thank you per advance !!!

( Lightwave 10.1 + Exporter v0.3 ( same problem with 0.4 ) )

IT'S PERHAPS AN OCTANE PROBLEM because when i load the exported octane-OBJ in lightwave, it doesn't shows the 500 cubes-mats but only ONE (this is logic... -> see the top attached pict).