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OctaneRender 4.05 for LightWave Production build

Postby juanjgon » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:06 pm

juanjgon Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:06 pm

This is the latest stable release of the OctaneRender™ 4.05 for LightWave™ plugin version, available for LightWave 11.6, 2015.3, 2018.0 and 2019.x Windows x64 and OSX. This build has been compiled using the Octane 4.05 core.

License upgrade
Unless you have a subscription license, you will have to upgrade your version 3 licenses to version 4. This upgrade is free and can be done via these 4 steps:

To use this version, you need a GPU of compute model 3.0 or higher. Support for Fermi GPUs (like GTX 4xx and 5xx) has been dropped. Also make sure you use a driver of version 419 or higher and if you are working on Mac OS that have a CUDA driver installed that supports at least CUDA 9.1.

New features
To learn more about the new features and improvements of OctaneRender 4, please check out our blog post, but this a quick list of the main new features that have been added:

  • Overhauled geometry engine that dramatically reduces compilation times.
  • Support for out-of-core geometry.
  • AI Light: Improved sampling of emitters, which is a lot more effective than the old method if you have many small emitters that have only a fairly local effect.
  • AI Denoiser: Cleans up your render, which can dramatically cut render times.
  • Global light inclusion/exclusion.
  • Light linking: Allows the inclusion/exclusion of light IDs in the object layer nodes, which can be used to control the direct influence of emitters on objects.
  • Universal material: Merges the properties of the diffuse, glossy, specular and metal materials into one material.
  • UDIM support via the new image tile mode in the texture image node.
  • Dirt support in the info channel passes / kernel.
  • Overall performance improvements in the render engine and in loading HDR and OBJ files.
  • Support to capture direct and indirect light separately in the light render passes.
  • Support for emission on sphere primitives.
  • Planetary environment node.

Release regular license
https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloa ... _Win64.zip
https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloa ... ve_OSX.zip

Release subscription license
https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloa ... n64_vr.zip
https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloa ... OSX_vr.zip

Release demo builds
https://render.otoy.com/plugindownloads ... 4_demo.zip
https://render.otoy.com/plugindownloads ... X_demo.zip

Standalone 4.05 version for the network rendering nodes
https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloa ... 05_win.exe
https://render.otoy.com/customerdownloa ... _macos.dmg

Release Notes:


- Added a workaround to try to fix the arbitrary range type sequence rendering.



- Addressed the support of the network rendering in the vr subscription builds.



- Fixed a dongle activation issue.
- Fixed exporting scenes from plugins that contain animated transforms with zero matrices.
- Fixed a crash when stopping render, and then previewing a material in the node stack. This also caused crashes in plugins that use the same mechanism to render thumbnails and material preview tiles.
- Fixed a crash during activation on some machines with RAID setups.
- Fixed denoiser black pixels.



- Fixed the problems related to the wrong ordering or mising UDIM textures.
- New volumetrics phase node that can be used to animate this parameter in the volume and scattering medium nodes.

- Fixed black pixels from denoiser.
- Added sheen and coating normal and bump maps.
- Fixed volume step length being locked to 4 when using absorption or scattering medium with alpha shadows disabled.
- Fixed caustic blur for clear coat layer of universal material.
- Fixed "visible on specular" emitter option when used with universal material.
- Fixed black material render on Octane BRDF when using 0 roughness.
- Allow greyscale images as opacity maps, as it was in V3.
- Fixed "affects alpha" option of specular materials when "keep environment" is enabled. (fixed the refraction pass erroneously including the environment in that case)
- Fixed universal material (transmission only) with roughness 0 rendering incorrectly.
- Fixed excessive noise in universal material when used with a medium node.
- Increased max number of alpha intersections, which fixes some scenes that have a lot of alpha maps.

Happy rendering,
Your OTOY Team
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Re: OctaneRender 4.05 for LightWave Production build

Postby pixym » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:45 am

pixym Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:45 am
Hi Juanjo,

Great thanks !
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Re: OctaneRender 4.05 for LightWave Production build

Postby EBD3D » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:54 pm

EBD3D Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:54 pm
Grand Merci ;)
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