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IPR (and maybe F9) feature request

PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:30 pm
by Rainbow-3D
Hi Juanjo,
would be possible to add a couple of things to the IPR wondow?

1) shortcut to switch between the stored images (as can do in the image viewer with pagup and pagdown);
2) possibility to delete one specific stored image.

I don't know if only me need this (and ok, if yes, don't lose time only for me, but if others too need it, maybe could be nice to have these things). Usually when I work fast I make a lot of tries and tests and I compare 2 renderings to see the differences. Switch between 2 stored images with menĂ¹ (like can do now) make me take of the eyes from the part of the image that I need to check. Having a shortcut to switch the 2 images make me look exactly what I need. I can do this with F9 in the image viewer, but in large scenes the load and preprocessing phase is very long and make me lose a lot of time (I do this compare hundreds of times...).

Or... hem... ask to ask, ok, I try to ask the Moon: first F9 load and preprocess all the scene, ok... but would be possible to keep in memory all the objects and the following F9 load and preprocess only modified objects? (of course only the geometry must keep in memory. The position, rotation and so on must sent every F9). Exactly as does the IPR when scrub the timeline, it doesn't load all the scene every frame, but only the object coordinates (and eventually the materials and some other things).