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My Octane/Blender v4.0+ Server Error FIXED..

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:36 pm
by brent_3d
Ever since the release of Blender Octane v4.0 I've constantly had problems with the Denoiser causing server errors when rendering out animations. The problem got worse with each subsequent v4.0+ build. I checked drivers and uninstalled Octane/Blender with no improvement, untill I removed my Blender User Preferences, which forced me to re-check the Octane Addon in Blender's Addon panel, and that's when everything worked.
It turned out that somehow the Octane Addon being "automatically" checked and turned on by my user-preferences when Octane/Blender was installed and launched caused the Octane Addon not to register properly which led to the continued problems with the v4.0+ series.

*So note to anyone still having problems with server errors or problems with Denoiser creating crashes when rendering animation; after installing your v4.0+ of Octane/Blender after launch if the Octane Addon is checked (installed) then make sure to un-check it in Blenders Addons panel, save your preferences, close and restart Octane/Blender, then re-check the Octane/Blender Addon.

Please excuse my post if this has been mentioned in previous discussions.