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Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 10:49 am
by TIG
Here's version 1024-04
(514.75 KiB) Downloaded 236 times
Extract the files and subfolders from the zip-file and install as directed in the README or Help.pdf...

The update addresses a potential, albeit rare, error that was recently raised by 'cperkins': if an animation were set up with 'motion-blur' and exported, then depending on the 'previous/next' option setting, if there was either no scene listed before the first frame's scene, or there was no scene listed after the last frame's scene, then an error was raised when 'nil' scene was available for the frame's 'blurring', and the processing stalled at that point - perhaps annoyingly because with 'next' almost all of the frames files might have been created after a long run of processing. Now, depending on the 'previous/next' option setting, if there is either no scene listed before the first frame's scene, or there is no scene listed after the last frame's scene, then that first or last frame is not 'blurred' like the rest... Note that IF you want ALL of your animated frames to show 'motion-blur', then depending on your 'previous/next' option setting, you must ensure that there is a leading or trailing extra scene available to 'blur' with, and that you start your animation sequence either one frame in or end your animation sequence one frame early to allow for this...

All users, including he forty or so of you who recent got version 1024-03 are advised to upgrade asap - especially if intending to do animations with 'motion-blur' where there are no suitable leading or trailing frames.... :roll:

Feedback please

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 12:25 pm
by gozilla
Hi, ;)

I put all files of the exporter correctly as per readme instructions.
I get the exporter dialog window with no text (see images), ruby console message is attached too.

All files of the exporter are in the right position so I don`t know what could be wrong. :?:

Mac OS 10.5.8
Language for menus set in English, SU7 is an English download too so it should not be a problem of language incompatibility.

Any hint?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 1:28 pm
by TIG
Could you retry and post the entire Ruby Console error messages as text as what you show misses lots out...
For some reason it makes references to 'Matchbox' which is someone else's script with no connection to the the Octane Exporter at all ??
Can you try removing the 'MatchboxPlugin.rb' from your Plugins folder to prevent it loading other files from its subfolder... and retry the Octane Exporter, in case it's a clash of code... MatchBox has been earmarked as a script to be avoided... because it arbitrarily changes built-in classes like Ruby Array, and therefore causes crashes with other scripts... so I suspect this might be the culprit this case too... I suggest you try removing the loader script as explained above :roll:
It's also weirdly reporting an error loading a file called Population.rb in the MatchBox subfolder - which is weird as it's not a file supplied in Matchbox ??? or in the Exporter either ????

Note, if you have opened any of these .rb files to read them with a wordprocessor rather than a plain-text editor, and then saved them, they could also have been 'corrupted' ? Re-download and replace ??

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 10:56 pm
by gozilla
Thank you for your fast reply!

Matchbox erased.
I also put some order in my plugin folder.

No error messages and the Ruby Console message is shorter but still text won`t appear on the exporter window.
Any hint?
Thanks so much for looking into this!

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 9:26 am
by TIG

:? The error messages you get in the console do not have a 'culprit' listed like most but the 'line numbers' listed bear no resemblance to the Octane.rb code as most of those lines are ### rem code and have no arguments to parenthesize or correct the spacings of... It appears that there's another script in your set causing this ?
I assume you have now disabled all of the 'Matchbox' files ??
As well as 'Matchbox' there was a script called 'Train-Simulator' also implicated in such things... if you have it then retry after disabling that...

Incidentally, have you only just started getting these errors with this version? What happens with earlier versions??
You do have deBabalizer.rb properly installed and lingvo files in the Octane folder??

If all else fails we can try running a bare-bones Plugins set and slowly add to it until we find the cause of the issue...
Here's how to 'debug' your Plugins set...

Close Sketchup
Open the 'Plugins' folder and in a separate window open a new empty folder called 'Disabled', e.g. which you've made on your Desktop.
Now note the following two files that you MUST have to let the Octane Exporter load and work properly:
Of course you will also need the 'Octane' folder with all of its contents!
You can leave ALL of the subfolders in the Plugins folder because their contents can only get loaded by .rb & .rbs files auto-loading from within the Plugins folder and we are going to disable these is 'sets'.
Sort your Plugins folder window 'by file-type' and then find all .rb and .rbs files and use drag+drop to move around half of them into the 'Disabled' folder - always making sure that the 'octane_loader.rb' and 'deBabelizer.rb' files stay in the Plugins folder
Start Sketchup and try the 'Octane Exporter'.
If it works OK then we know that the culprit is one of the Disabled folder's files - so now close Sketchup and move half of those Disabled rb/rbs files back into the Plugins folder and restart Sketchup and test the Octane Exporter, if it's still OK then keep adding back half of the remaining Disabled files until it fails to work, then the culprit is one of the files you just moved across - move halves of those back into the Disabled set until you have success with the exporter again, this way you can zoom in on the problem script: 512>256>128>64>32>16>8>4>2>1 in the worst case...
If it fails to work with the initial half Disabled then move half of the remaining Plugins to Disabled and retest until the Exporter works OK, and you find the culprit in the files you've moved over...
If you do find the culprit please let me know - I might be able either to fix it or at least to speak with its author to get a resolution...
When you have your suspect.
Move the seemingly 'good' files back into the Plugins folder in batches and retest as you go to ensure that it's only that one file causing the issue ,and not several files in tandem...
However, if you move ALL of the rb/rbs files and the error still manifests itself, then please post the error-message screen again etc...
In that case we'll need to think of other possible cause :roll: - as other MAC users aren't having this issue so it must be something to do with your particular set up :shock: What web-browsers do you have installed/use?

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 11:51 am
by gozilla
Hi and thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.

I`ll try that and post the results.
Cheers !

ps.: I use Firefox.

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 2:55 pm
by gozilla

I tried a faster metod:
I moved all plugins but Octane (see the jpg)

As you can see the problem is still there. :shock:
This should prove that it is not an incompatibility with another script.

Any suggestion is welcome !
Many thanks. :D

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 4:08 pm
by TIG
A real mystery...
It's not like the whole html code for the dialog is bust as the buttons show fine with the right text...
The 'translator' does all of the displayed text so why would it fall over on just the other text ?
The fonts etc used in the buttons is very similar to the body text so that's no issue...
What version of Safari is installed on your MAC ?
I'll have a think and get back to you...

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 9:17 am
by TIG

Can you try the following...
Open the ../Plugins/Octane/ folder and find OctaneDialog.html and double-click the file's icon...
It should open in FF [or your default browser] looking much like you 'blank' text version.
The default exporter dialog has no text - as this shows BUT when the dialog is 'populated' as it starts the empty text is filled in with suitable translations...
I'm thinking that you must not have the .lingvo files installed in the ../Plugins/Octane/OctaneLingvos/ folder?
BUT even if your locale [found with Sketchup.get_locale.upcase] e.g. EN-US is NOT represented in the lingvo files in that folder [e.g. OctaneEN-US.lingvo] then the text reverts to 'English' anyway :?
If the lingvo files exist do you have access rights to read them ?
To test this open any SKP and type/copy+paste this into the Ruy Console
Octane::db("Project Configuration")
It should return "Project Configuration" in your own language or English ??
If it does then I suspect that there's something adrift with your Safari settings - as the dialog's code itself runs a javascript command to reset these values - e.g.
js=("document.getElementById(\"project_configuration_label\").setAttribute(\"innerHTML\",\""+(db("Project Configuration"))+"\");")

Finding the one piece of text with the label "project_configuration_label" and setting it to be db("Project Configuration") - that is, either the original text as shown OR its translation via 'db' into your own language IF there's a suitable lingvo file available...
Obviously this code works on virtually all PCs and MACs - as there is a mixed bunch of users, versions/OSs...
There's something about your seemingly 'common' set up that's breaking it... I don't use MACs... do you have options set that might disable some aspects of javascript ? etc...

If there are other MAC users reading this who have similar set ups working successfully with the exporter dialog can you please share your experience/settings/etc.... :?

Re: Octane Sketchup Exporter - 1024-04

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2011 2:27 am
by gozilla

thank you very much for help !

I checked the lingvo folder and all the files seem to be there (see image).

I also run the script in ruby and it did return the words "Project Configuration" you mentioned, in English.

My mac is bought in Japan and I set with English as the main language for menus and everything.

I don`t understand how the web browser matters on this issue but I use Firefox 4 and Safari 5.05.
What is the problem with the browser setting and how should i adjust it?

The strange thing is that an earlier release of the Octane exporter was working fine with all text in the dialog appearing correctly.
Any hint?

Many thanks and best !