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SU transluscent material / Octane specular

Postby ppoublan » Sat Jun 21, 2014 7:34 am

ppoublan Sat Jun 21, 2014 7:34 am
Dear all,
Things that does not like very coherent. Missing kind of "always linked with SU or never linked with SU", but mix of them make difficult to use.
It would be great to have a more permanent link between SU color and Octane color.

1. Add tranparent material to su surface. Render : ok. Convert to specular in Octane material window.
- Octane transmission color setup is not the original rgb color of SU. Why ?
- RGB color of SU material is changed according to RGB transmission color defined by octane (ok if reason of previous).
- Octane opacity is set to 1.0, should not it be su transparency % as SU transparency was correctly used for diffuse material ?

2. Change the transmission color within Octane, was waiting it should update SU color as in point 1. before, but it does not.

3. Change to color of material within SU, octane material is not updated, any way to "refresh" octane transmission color based on SU one without changing all other parameters that have been setup ?

4. Delete the octane material from the octane scene material list, render, no "come back" to the original material (transparent and with SU color). Should render like the first render when no link was made.

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